As the Operation Rescue Staff prepares to take a well-earned break over Christmas week, we leave you with our Top Ten Stories from a very eventful 2007, which we nicknamed the “Year of Justice.” Please join us in praying that 2008 will become, by God’s grace, a Year of Victory in our efforts to protect the innocent pre-born!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
-Operation Rescue Staff
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2007’s Top Ten Stories from Operation Rescue
10. Operation Rescue Makes Wichita the Epicenter of Prayer Events in 2007
Operation Rescue hosted four prayer awesome events in 2007 that were attended by pro-lifers from around the nation. The Wichita Awakening drew over 500 young people from The Cause, and was attended by an estimated 1.000 people over 3 days.

  • Cry For Justice
  • Pray In May
  • Wichita Awakening
  • 40 Days For Life
  • 9. The Battle to Stop Opening of Deceptive Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois

    At the invitation of pro-life hero Joseph Scheidler, Operation Rescue joined the battle to expose the opening of a Planned Parenthood mega-mill that was built under a false business name. The effort was successful in delaying the opening two weeks. Legal efforts are still underway to halt abortion business at that building because permits were falsely obtained.

  • OR Joins Massive Effort to Stop Aurora, IL Planned Parenthood
  • 8. Abortion Mills Close/Abortionists Disciplined

    The national trend of abortionists closing their mills and/or being disciplined by Medical Boards continues. Operation Rescue filed complaints against abortionist for violating the standard of care and other laws. Some of those cases are still pending.

  • Complaint Filed Against KS Abortionist For Concealing Child Rape
  • Two Abortion Mill Operators Arrested, Jailed on Felony Counts
  • Abortionist Levich Lets Alabama License Lapse
  • Abortion Mill Closed Temporarily After Botched Abortion
  • Another Alabama Abortion Mill Closed
  • Filthy New Jersey Abortion Mill Surrenders License, Moves Out
  • Poway, CA Abortion Mill Closes
  • 7. OR Exposes Abortion Injuries/Deaths

    “Have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather, expose them.” Eph. 5:11. Operation Rescue exposed a number of abortion tragedies in 2007, and continues to work to bring those responsible to justice.

  • 12 Death Expose Deception Of NAF Standards
  • Two More Women Injured At NJ Abortion Mill Come Forward
  • Ambulance Takes Planned Parenthood Victim To Hospital
  • CA Woman Dies As Result Of Abortion
  • Trouble Continues To Plague Two Abortion Mills
  • Botched Abortion Victim Sues Planned Parenthood Abortionist
  • Abortion Death Reported In Massachusetts
  • 6. Pro-lifers Attacked/Unjustly Arrested

    Operation Rescue reported a number of incidents where peaceful pro-lifers were attacked or wrongfully attested throughout the nation, including an incident near Atlanta where Operation Rescue Truth Truck Driver was tossed in jail for four days and the Truth Truck impounded. Operation Rescue continues to pursue legal remedies in order to protect the rights of pro-lifers to speak without fear of reprisals on behalf of the pre-born in the public forum.

  • Abortionist Who Killed Christin Gilbert Attacks Man With Car
  • Omaha Courts Become Abortion Battleground
  • Pro-lifers Charged Again in Nebraska
  • KS Legislator Guilty of Battery On Abortion Cockroach Protester
  • Minister Arrested For Reading Verse At Abortionist’s Church
  • Police Attack Pro-lifers In Shocking Display of Abuse
  • Georgia Cops Impound Anti-Abortion Billboard Truck, Jail Driver
  • Pro-Lifer Attacked With Club, Threatened With Arrest During Clinton Protest
  • 5. Operation Rescue Works Through KS Legislature To Charge Tiller

    Once abortion supporter Paul Morrison took over as Attorney General, it became obvious that he would keep his campaign promise to derail honest criminal investigations against Kansas abortion clinics. Operation Rescue helped lead efforts to compel the Legislature to order Morrison to enforce the law, which unexpectedly exposed duplicity on the part of some politicians who claimed to be pro-life. Public pressure helped the Legislature hold interim hearings investigating late-term abortions and George Tiller.

  • KS AG a “No Show” At Hearing As Pro-lifers Rally In Support Of Tiller Resolution
  • Former “Roe” Joins Battle To Reinstate Tiller Charges As KS House Falters
  • KS Legislature Squanders Opportunity To Charge Tiller
  • KS Legislator Resigns Committee In Protest Of Abortion Cover-Up
  • Neufeld Declares Efforts To Charge Tiller A “Witch Hunt,” Attacks Pro-life Legislators and Operation Rescue
  • KS Legislators Call For AG To “Enforce The Rule Of Law” In Late Abortion Case
  • Newman Will Testify Before Kansas Legislative Committee Investigating Late-term Abortions
  • 4. Witnesses Against Tiller Come Forward: Dr. McHugh, Michelle Armesto-Berg

    Operation Rescue was privileged to have been a part of publicizing the stunning public testimony of Dr. Paul McHugh, one of the nation’s most respected experts in the field of psychiatry. Dr. McHugh told of how he believes, after reviewing medical records at the request of then Attorney General Phill Kline, that Tiller is misusing psychiatry to break the Kansas ban on post-viability abortions. Then, during the Legislative hearings investigating late-abortions, Michelle Armesto came forward and told of her coerced abortion at Tiller’s abortion mill, which was begin before her consent was given. Operation Rescue filed a number of complaints on behalf of Mrs. Armesto in an attempt to bring Tiller and his abortion cohorts to justice.

  • Expert Witness in Criminal Abortion Case Drops Bombshell Testimony
  • Morrison Threatens Expert Witness With Arrest, Orders Him To Stop Talking To Operation Rescue
  • Full 44-Min. Video Interview of Dr. Paul McHugh and Transcript
  • Former Tiller Patient Drops Bombshell Testimony Of Illegal, Coerced Abortion on Legislative Committee
  • Tiller’s License At Stake As KSBHA Launches New Abortion Investigation
  • 3. Campaign to Bring Planned Parenthood to Justice

    Operation Rescue joined with Concerned Women for America and Women Influencing the Nation to form the L.I.F. E. Coalition, which worked to convene a grand jury through the citizen petition process to investigate allegations of criminal conduct on the part of a Kansas Planned Parenthood. That Grand Jury convened on December 10. In the meantime, District Attorney Phill Kline filed 107 criminal charges of his own against Planned Parenthood, after Attorney General Paul Morrison “cleared” the abortion business in June. Operation Rescue published many articles (not listed below) that questioned Morrison’s judgment, integrity, and his ability to honestly prosecute abortionists.

  • KS AG Morrison Clears Planned Parenthood In Abortion Records Investigation
  • 107 Criminal Charges Filed Against Kansas Planned Parenthood
  • Operation Rescue Calls For Nationwide Suspension Of Planned Parenthood’s Federal Funding In Light Of Kansas Criminal Charges
  • Sixty Groups Ask Congress To Block Planned Parenthood Funding
  • Coalition Submits Petition For Grand Jury Investigation of Planned Parenthood
  • Thirteen Senators Join Call To Stop Abortion Funding
  • 2. Kansas Attorney General Resigns Amid Sex/Corruption Scandal

    Operation Rescue immediately called renewed its call for Morrison’s resignation once the story of Morrison’s illicit sexual affair and attempts to influence abortion cases broke in the Kansas media. Operation Rescue was the first to denounce Tiller cronies as possible replacements to Morrison, and continues to work to insure that the new Attorney General will be untainted by abortion blood money.

  • OR Calls For Morrison Resignation Amid Sex/Abortion Corruption Scandal
  • Morrison Resigns Amid Intense Public Pressure Over Sex/Corruption Scandal
  • Can A New Kansas AG Be Found Without Ties To Abortion Blood Money?
  • 1. Tiller Troubles! Infamous Abortionist Charged! Now Faces Grand Jury and a Myriad of Other Problems

    Operation Rescue’s Number One Story for 2007 is a huge one! Abortionist Tiller faces 19 counts of criminal late-term abortion, a grand jury investigation slated to begin January 8, two inquiries with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, and even a small claims action. Operation Rescue’s ground-breaking work contrbuted to bringing these cases this far. In 2008, we should see the results of each of these legal challenges to Tiller’s abortion empire. Operation Rescue continues to exhaust every legal option to bring Tiller to justice!

  • 38 Abortion-Free Days In Nation’s Abortion Capital
  • KS Supreme Court Blocks Tiller Grand Jury
  • Operation Rescue Files To Intervene In Abortion Grand Jury Case
  • Victory! KS Supreme Court Orders Abortion Grand Jury To Proceed
  • Tiller’s License At Stake As KSBHA Launches New Abortion Investigation
  • Tiller Sued In Small Claims; TV’s Judge Judy and Judge Brown Want The Case