Jefferson City, MO — The United States Senate has become a vicious battlefield.

This acrimonious atmosphere has been created solely by the Democratic Party and the likes of Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer. The Democrats have proven they will stop at nothing — including lies, extortion and threats — to turn America into a third-world socialist state.

In the thick of such a profound battle, the state of Missouri, and all of America, must have a senator that can stand up to the threats and intimidation of the far-left Democrats.

I don’t often endorse political candidates, but knowing all that is at risk in our nation right now, I feel like I must make a decision in the Missouri Senate race.

As a pro-life advocate, I have dedicated my life to fighting death merchants in the abortion industry for over thirty years. I have been arrested over a dozen times and sued more often than I can count. I founded The Center for Medical Progress and exposed Planned Parenthood’s illegal harvest and sale of baby body parts for profit. In response, a corrupt, Obama judge found me liable for over $17 million in “damages” and convicted me of racketeering. The legacy media has routinely lied about me and castigated my good name. Nonetheless, Lord willing, I will not relent until every abortion clinic is closed and every baby is saved.

I see that same spirit of determination in Eric Greitens. Eric is a tough, proven fighter who does not back down from political pressure or intimidation. He is a born leader, and his stellar record, including awards and medals as a Navy SEAL, speak volumes of his bravery. He has literally clashed on the life and death battlefields of the Middle East, fighting for his country with honor.

Missouri would be prudent to now send this principled warrior to the U.S. Senate to fight for the life of our country on our most dangerous political battlefield.

As governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens took on the abortion cartel while building the largest pro-life coalition in state history. He helped make Missouri the first abortion-free state in our nation, proving again and again that he is a strong advocate for the preborn.

While no man is perfect, Eric has also shown he can overcome personal struggles with humility and grit.

For these reasons, I energetically endorse Eric Greitens for the United States Senate in Missouri. I know there are other excellent candidates in the race — and I certainly do not denigrate any of their fine qualities — but I truly believe Eric Greitens to be the best and most qualified for this position.

And a note to the corrupt political establishment: Karl Rove is the puppet master in the politics of personal destruction. The only morals he has is his consulting fee.

Now Rove is attempting his filthy political tricks against Eric Greitens. I wholeheartedly reject Karl Rove’s attempt to pollute the Missouri Senate race with his dirty money and political theatre.

Troy Newman

President of Operation Rescue; Founder of Center for Medical Progress; Author of Abortion Free, Their Blood Cries Out, and Refocus; Entrepreneur; Businessman; Black Belt; and Pro-Life Racketeer