Pro-life supporters will gather Saturday, December 18, at 10:00 AM to peacefully pray and protest Mila Means intention to abort babies in this abortion-weary community

Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue has learned that a Kansas physician plans to open an abortion clinic soon in Wichita, Kansas.
Abortionist Mila Means has reportedly purchased abortion equipment from the now-closed Women’s Health Care Services formerly operated by George Tiller, and plans to open on Saturdays for abortions at her private office near East Harry and Webb Road in Wichita. She has been seen at the Aid For Women clinic in Kansas City, Kansas, where she is reportedly in training. Means is a family practice physician who is not certified as an ob/gyn.
“We are saddened by the news that someone would want to bring abortion back to Wichita,” said Newman. “The city has been abortion-free for a year and a half. It is clear that abortion is unwanted and unneeded in this abortion-weary community.”
Means has a troubled past that includes disciplinary action taken against her medical license for the misuse of psychiatry in her family practice, having improper personal relationships with patients, and for something more serious that the Kansas Board of Healing Arts has redacted from her public record.
However, the Board did indicate in Means’ disciplinary documents that it had the authority to discipline her under a Kansas law for unprofessional conduct including the “commission of any act of sexual abuse, misconduct, or exploitation related to the licensee’s professional practice.”
Redactions prevented the disclosure of details of the alleged sexual abuse, misconduct, or exploitation, and omitted some of the disciplinary action taken against her.
“Information like this is often withheld because it would destroy the person’s reputation if it were made public. Whatever Means did to merit such discipline should be cause for concern to anyone who may seek services from her,” said Newman.
The pro-life community will respond with a prayerful protest from 10:00-11:00 AM outside Means office located at 9916 E. Harry in Wichita, Kansas. Statements will be made to the press at 10:00 AM.
“We are urging everyone who can on such short notice to turn out to pray and send a resounding message that we will exhaust every legal means available to prevent even one more child from dying from abortion here,” said Newman.
Read Means’ Disciplinary Documents
Update on Wichita’s Abortionists in Training (Dec. 17, 2010)
Wichita, KS – On Wednesday, before we even posted the news ourselves, we tipped off the Associated Press to the names of two abortionists in training who have expressed an interest in aborting babies in Wichita, Kansas. On our web site, we only listed one, Mila Means.
The second abortionist is Gregory S. Linhardt, an anesthesiologist who is training with Means at Aid for Women in Kansas City, Kansas. We did not mention him in our initial report because information about his intentions was still a bit foggy. We had hoped the Associated Press could clarify if he would be opening his own abortion business in Wichita or would be in cahoots with Means. We have been able to confirm that Means and Linhardt intend to opentwo separate abortion businesses in Wichita.
Like Means, Linhardt has his own legal troubles. According to page 13 of a document available online from the Andover Police Department, Lindhart was arrested and booked into jail on March 23rd of this year for violating a protective order near the home of his estranged wife.
It seems that both Means and Linhardt, after personal and legal problems that tarnished their reputations (and presumably their earning potential), have sunk to the level of committing abortions.
Please join us in praying that neither abortionist Means nor Linhardt will follow through with their plans and that Wichita will remain abortion-free.