Operation Rescue’s President Troy Newman Responds to Senator Schumer’s Opening Comments During Judge Roberts’ Confirmation Hearing

Washington, DC — Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) used his opening remarks in the confirmation hearing of Judge John Roberts to ask a question concerning Operation Rescue President, Troy Newman.
Senator Schumer addressed Judge Roberts: “You told me when we met that you were not an ideologue and you share my aversion to ideologues. Yet, you’ve been embraced by some of the most extreme ideologues in America, like the leader of Operation Rescue. That gives rise to a question many are asking: What do they know that we don’t?”
Operation Rescue President Troy Newman responds:
Senator Schumer, the thousands of supporters of Operation Rescue know that human life begins at the moment of conception and abortion kills an innocent human life.

  • We know the medical evidence, the scientific evidence, the philosophical evidence, and theological evidence all support this irrefutable fact.
  • We know that abortion is a terrible act of violence that takes the life of innocent pre-born children.
  • We know that millions of women have been victimized by the abortion profiteers, who deny the very real emotional and physical pain associated with abortion.
  • We know that 3,300 pre-born children are killed each and every day and that this “American Holocaust” has silenced the cries of over 45 million unborn babies since 1973.
  • We know God’s infallible Law clearly declares to all generations “Thou shall not kill.”
  • We know God gives every child as a unique gift from above.
  • We know God has instituted government to administer justice for the oppressed and judgment for the wicked.
  • Senator, we know that the stranglehold that the culture of death (which you apparently hold
    so dear) once held upon our nation is loosening its grip. Pro-life Americans are now the majority in the United States.
  • Senator Schumer, you hypocritically say you abhor ideologues, yet you embrace one of the most radically extremist pro-death left-wing ideologies in America. You ask what we know? We know that the pro-death reign of terror that you so adamantly espouse is coming to an end whether Judge Roberts is confirmed or not. Given the current political, popular, and religious trends in our nation, it is an inescapable inevitability. Senator, we know the truth and that the truth can set even you free.