Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue’s President Troy Newman has released the following statement in response to Saddleback Valley Community Church’s justification of their invitation of pro-abortion Sen. Barack Obama to participate in a summit on HIV/AIDS.

The matter of abortion is a moral imperative, and actions speak louder than words.
One simply cannot justify inviting pro-abortion Sen. Barack Obama to speak in the defense of the lives of HIV/AIDS victims when he has already expressed to the world his blatant lack of respect for human life by supporting abortion, including the radical partial-birth abortion procedure. Because of his callous disregard for innocent life, Obama lacks the moral credibility to speak on life issues.
There are some things that just cannot be excused with a disclaimer, and support for abortion is one of them.
We find it distressing that Mr. Warren could attempt to defend his pro-life position while giving little more than lip service to the deaths of over 126,000 babies that die that from abortion each day worldwide. The AIDS pandemic pales in comparison to the abortion holocaust.
We repeat our call for Mr. Warren to rescind his invitation to Sen. Barrack Obama, and ask in addition that he would take meaningful action to stop the brutal deaths of innocent children by abortion, the watershed issue of our time.

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