Wichita, Kansas – Operation Rescue has conducted a covert investigation into late-term abortions at Women’s Health Care Services and plans to release compelling evidence that the most extreme late-term abortions are continuing there despite pending criminal charges and an ongoing grand jury investigation against owner George R. Tiller.
“There is no way to look at this evidence and not question the legality of Tiller’s abortion business,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This is evidence that cannot be ignored.”
Operation Rescue plans to publicly release the evidence after it has been submitted to the grand jury that is currently investigating Tiller and the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts. The public release will coincide with the 35th memorial of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion in America at a time and place to be announced soon.
Kansas law (K.S.A. 65-6703) bans abortions after 22 weeks when the baby is viable except when the woman’s life is in danger or when continuation of the pregnancy would result in “substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.” The law requires a second physician to concur in writing that the abortion meets one of these two exceptions, but the second physician must not be legally and financially affiliated with the abortionist.
Tiller faces trial on March 10 on 19 counts of committing illegal abortions without the signature of an unaffiliated physician. Instead, he used abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus, with whom he had an illegal financial arrangement, according to the criminal complaint.
Tiller is also the subject of a grand jury investigation that began on January 8. Citizens convened the grand jury to ask for an investigation into alleged illegal late-term abortions committed between 2003 and 2007, years District Attorney Nola Foulston and disgraced Attorney General Paul Morrison have refused to investigate.
Morrison has since resigned from office after admitting to conducting an illicit sexual affair with a subordinate during business hours. He has been accused of attempting to use that relationship to illegally influence criminal cases against Tiller and Planned Parenthood.
“Tiller and his employees continue to arrogantly thumb their noses at the laws of Kansas. Now, the public deserves to see for themselves what is really going on at that abortion mill,” said Newman.