Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue has run a series of radio ads on two popular Christian radio networks over the past month. The powerful ads, which aired on the Bott Radio Network and AFA Radio, raised serious questions about the abortion death of a Down syndrome teen named Christin Gilbert, who died last year after a late-term abortion by George R. Tiller. The ads asked for prayer for the Grand Jury investigation of abortionist Tiller that is currently underway in Wichita, Kansas.
Operation Rescue plans to release another round of radio ads in the upcoming weeks.
“We don’t want the public to forget that an innocent girl died a needless death and that those responsible must be held accountable,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“We urge Christians everywhere to continue to pray for the Grand Jury investigation, that there will be justice for Christin and her pre-born baby, and that her tragic death will not be swept under the rug.”
Listen to the radio ads:

Ad 01 Ad 02 Ad 03
Ad 04 Ad 05 Ad 06

Operation Rescue is accepting donations to help defray the cost of future ads. To donate, click here.
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