Washington, DC — Operation Rescue is “recommending” to Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Barack Obama that he select Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius as his Vice Presidential running mate.
Gov. Sebelius would be the perfect selection to buttress and guarantee Senator Obama’s credentials with the powerful pro-abortion block within the Democratic Party.
Sebelius, as Governor of a strongly Republican state, has repeatedly demonstrated her commitment to unrestricted abortion throughout the full nine months of pregnancy, (and beyond), with the same audacity that Senator Obama has previously shown.
It is certainly not above Gov. Sebelius’ pay grade to decide when pre-born babies should die.
Gov. Sebelius has demonstrated this most notably by hosting a “killer party” for George Tiller, the most well-known late-term abortion provider in the country, and his staff in the Kansas Governor’s mansion. Tiller has been a strong financial supporter of Gov. Sebelius. Their mutual admiration is none the less even though Tiller now faces 19 criminal charges of flouting the Kansas ban on post-viability abortions, a pesky law enacted by Republicans, who obviously don’t understand the limits of their own meager pay grades.
Photographs of the Sebelius-Tiller soiree are being provided to Senator Obama’s campaign and to the media to decisively demonstrate Gov. Sebelius’ unparalleled qualification to be his running mate in regard to the most important issue in American liberal politics, the preservation of Roe v. Wade and the commitment to appoint Supreme Court justices who are fully committed to this goal.
Operation Rescue is sure that Sen. Obama will be proud to join “Team Tiller” so women can continue to obtain late-term abortions of viable, healthy babies so they won’t have to suffer devastating “substantial and irreversible” mental health torments such as having to miss a rock concert due to an advanced pregnancy, and other equally trivial reasons.
Gov. Sebelius, as a woman, and a Catholic, can also help to bring balance to the Obama ticket in other important areas. Never mind that Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann has asked her to refrain from Communion until she repents from her support of abortion and amends her life. Perhaps this will even boost the Obama-Sebelius-Tiller trifecta within influential liberal circles.
Senator Barack Obama will find that Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is the perfect partner to bolster his pay grade and provide for a well-balanced Democratic Presidential ticket, which leaves no question in its commitment to the great American values of abortion and infanticide.
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