Vital for pro-lifers to GO to NEA State HQs in capital cities; NEA Convention in Washington, DC

Operation Rescue encourages and exhorts all pro-lifers, including: teachers, students (high school thru elementary) and parents, home-schoolers, private & parochial schoolers, clergy, NEA members, and others to — GO PICKET the NEA — in DC or their home state capital city’s NEA-affiliate office. Support these peaceful, simultaneous demonstrations on July 2. Mark your calendars! Be there!
For general info:
Remember, it was the NEA in Washington, DC, that hosted an event proudly featuring late-term abortionist George R. Tiller.
Please show up on Wednesday, July 2, between 11:00AM-1:00PM (local time) with your family, friends and pro-life message placards or signs. Wear your pro-life t-shirts, caps, etc.
NEA State Affiliate HQs
Pro-Lifers within 90 minutes of Washington, DC are urged to go to the Washington Convention Center between 10:00AM-2:00PM.