Group responds to Mr. Terry’s plans to rip pages of the Qur’an
Washington, DC — Operation Rescue has released the following statement:
Randall Terry will be sponsoring events around the country in which pages of the Qur’an will be ripped or thrown on the ground. Operation Rescue wants to make it clear we do not condone these activities and the actions of Randall Terry in no one way speak for Operation Rescue.
After founding Operation Rescue, Randall Terry stepped down as its leader in the spring of 1990. For the past 20 years, the Rescue Movement has moved forward independently from the actions and direction of Mr. Terry. During those 20 years, Mr. Terry has chosen a path that has included negative lifestyle choices, financial mismanagement, misleading donors, and bizarre media events which in no way reflect the core principles of Operation Rescue.
Those core principles are ending the horror and violence of abortion, seeing that women are not diminished and scarred through abortion, affirming human rights for children in their mother’s womb and honoring Jesus Christ by loving the most needy in our society.
Randall Terry’s recent projects, such as the Nancy Pelosi burn in hell video, hanging and beating an effigy of Senator Lindsey Graham, sponsoring a “Burn the Qur’an Solidarity Rally” and now ripping pages of the Qur’an reflect the actions of a desperate person who is more interested in self-promotion and headlines than building a culture of life.
We would respectfully ask that the media makes sure to clearly state that Randall Terry has no connection with Operation Rescue and he is not affiliated with the organization.