Jeff White goes on trial for displaying remains of a preborn baby at Pro-abortion March

WASHINGTON, DC — Operation Rescue leader Jeff White will go on trial tomorrow at 9 AM in the nation?s capital for displaying the remains of a pre-born baby outside a Washington DC abortion clinic during the pro-abortion March for Women?s Lives last April. White was arrested and dragged away from Planned Parenthood after police confiscated the vial containing the baby’s remains. Just 20 feet away from White stood the entrance to the Washington, DC Planned Parenthood where, at that very moment, abortionists were dismembering babies the same size as the one White displayed.
If convicted, White faces up to three months in Federal Prison on the charge of unlawful display of human remains without a permit.
Brian Chavez-Ochoa, chief Counsel for Operation Rescue, who is representing White at Operation Rescue’s request, said of White’s case, “Jeff is being prosecuted for displaying a human being (human fetus) of the age and size that the Roe v. Wade decision has permitted be murdered just a few feet away from where Mr. White was arrested.”
Operation Rescue President Troy Newman was at the scene last April and photographed White’s arrest.
“As I was snapping photos of my friend being hauled away by no fewer than four strapping Metro policemen, I was struck by the lengths that were taken to insure that people did not see the truth about who and what was being killed behind the glass doors of Planned Parenthood,” said Newman. “It is ironic that it is a crime to show a pre-born baby, but to kill one is protected by law. This is injustice.”
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