UPDATE! Due to popular demand, this project has been moved to IAM71.org. Our full photo gallery can be viewed HERE. E-mail address to submit photos is now photos@iam71.org.

Washington, DC – On Friday, October 2, 2009, the Christian Defense Coalition and other pro-life groups will raise a 100 foot image of the number 71 on the west lawn of the White House to remind Congress that, according to a recent Zogby Poll, 71% of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion in the proposed health care reform package.
In support of this effort, Operation Rescue is launching the “I AM 71” Project. We are asking Americans to take a digital photo of them holding a paper with the number 71 and send it to Operation Rescue. These photos will be posted on the Internet and compiled and sent to members of Congress and President Obama.
Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee voted down an amendment proposed by Sen. Orrin Hatch that would have ensured that tax funding for abortions was permanently banned in the public health care system. It also rejected a “conscience clause” for health care providers that choose to opt out of participating in abortions, opening the door for forced participation.
“We want Obama and Congress to have to look at the faces of the citizens they are betraying by ignoring their will on this critically important issue,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Seventy-one percent is not just a number. We are Americans of good conscience who deserve to be heard.”
Operation Rescue is urging the American people opposed to taxpayer funded abortions to take digital photographs of themselves with the number 71 with their cameras, cell phones, or other devices, and send them to photos@iam71.org. (Updated e-mail address.)
We are also urging our supporters to spread the word to their friends and family members, and post our request for photos on their social networking sites.
UPDATED! Send “I AM 71” pictures to photos@iam71.org.
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