Muskegon, MI – Operation Rescue is seeking women who have been injured by abortionist Robert Alexander at his now-closed Women’s Medical Services in Muskegon, Michigan, for possible legal action and/or medical board complaints.
Even though Alexander’s Muskegon abortion clinic has permanently closed, he has reportedly been hired on at another abortion clinic in Detroit where he continues to place the lives and health of woman at risk.
Already one woman has come forward to talk to a local new station about her horrific experience at Alexander’s filthy mill, which was closed by the Fire Marshall after police discovered what amounted to a ‘shop of horrors’ while investigating a broken window on December 26, 2012.
Sheria McCloud said that when she went for an abortion at Alexander’s clinic in 2009, the conditions were much the same as shown in photographs taken by inspectors that showed a filthy trash-strewn office, unsterilized surgical equipment, and a rusty abortion machine that still contained the bloody, rancid remains of the last abortion done there.
“He tried to put me in a room. It was blood all over the floor, all on the table, and I said, ‘Are you serious? I’m not fixin’ to lay on this table,’” she told a reporter.
McCloud said she went through with the abortion but suffered complications. She was shocked to later learn that she was still pregnant – at 31 weeks. A doctor who treated her wrote a report indicating that Alexander was grossly negligent, causing injuries to McCloud that could have killed her. She now cherishes the miraculously healthy son she tried to abort and has sued Alexander for access to her medical records, which he says he lost.
Another woman who filed suit against Alexander said in court records that she received an abortion from him in 2008 but landed in the emergency room eight hours later, still pregnant and suffering complications. Later, she delivered a still-born baby missing the skull, brain, and other body parts.
“We want women to know that they have some recourse and that their stories – told to the proper authorities – could stop Alexander from hurting other women,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “We can maintain the confidentiality of anyone who speaks with us, if necessary.”
Women who have suffered complications from abortions by Alexander are invited to call 316-683-6790, ext. 155 or e-mail us at this link.