WICHITA, KS, September 25, 2004 — Armed with two colorful 15-foot banners that flanked runners in Wichita’s annual Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure,” Operation Rescue members distributed literature and exposed the link between abortion and breast cancer.
Unlike previous years, the rescuers were able to freely communicate their message without interference from race officials or police. The Susan G. Komen Foundation, which sponsors similar races across America, is a large contributor to Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider. In the past, the Komen group has attempted to exclude and censor Operation Rescue?s message that abortion is the most preventable risk factor for developing breast cancer.
Last year, Rescuer Brian Brooks was arrested while attempting to use a port-a-potty that was at the event site for public use. Brooks was not carrying signs or literature at the time. He was later totally exonerated of all charges during a bench trial. Operation Rescue representatives met with police prior to this year’s event and were able to gain police cooperation for their First Amendment outreach.
“We were pleased with the cooperation from the Wichita Police Department this year,” said OR President Troy Newman. “We were able to get our message out to thousands of people peacefully and effectively – a message desperately needed in America’s Abortion Capital.”
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