Wichita, KS – In less than three short weeks, citizens across America will head to the polls and vote in one of the most important mid-term elections ever. In Kansas, Operation Rescue applauds pro-life candidates and has chosen to make endorsements in two key races.
Kansas Governor and Lieutenant Governor: Kris Kobach and Wink Hartman
“You couldn’t ask for a stronger pro-life gubernatorial team than Kobach-Hartman,” says Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “They’ve been pro-life for years, not just in words but also actions. We endorse the Kobach-Hartman ticket all the way.”
Kris Kobach embraces President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great” agenda, which has a strong pro-life component. He supports defunding Planned Parenthood, the biggest provider of abortion in America.
Wink Hartman publicly opposes abortion under all circumstances. “I am committed to the pro-life cause,” he said.
Kobach has also been endorsed by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.
US House, District 4: Congressman Ron Estes
Operation Rescue also endorses Congressman Ron Estes for Congress.
“For Ron Estes, being pro-life is not just words,” says Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “In April, Estes led efforts in Congress to keep Title X funding from sending taxpayer money to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. In part, because of his efforts, President Trump announced the Protect Life Rule in May to prohibit Title X funding from going to any clinic that performs abortions. We are proud of Estes’ role in this important victory!”
“For Americans who value innocent human life and the progress our nation has made in re-establishing a Culture of Life, it is absolutely imperative that we get out to the polls and vote for pro-life Republican candidates,” said Newman. “If Republicans lose, then we can count on pro-abortion Democrats to block any further efforts to protect innocent babies from abortion. So this election is literally one of life or death.”
Here are other candidates nationwide that Operation Rescue has endorsed this year:

Sen. Ted Cruz for Senate in Texas
Rep. Marsha Blackburn for Senate in Tennessee
Corey Stewart for Senate in Virginia