Common sense law is an effective means to spare children from a horrible death

Sioux Falls, SD — Operation Rescue announces the endorsement of South Dakota’s Measure 11, which would ban nearly all abortions in that state. The ban would also prompt a potent legal challenge to Roe v. Wade.
“South Dakota’s Measure 11 is about saving many babies from certain death. Since that is the mission of Operation Rescue, it deserves our unwavering support,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“Measure 11 is a well planned and reasonable step toward the abolition of abortion. Statistically, Measure 11 will save nearly every child scheduled to die at Planned Parenthood. Additionally, the strong fraud provisions for so-called ‘tough choices’ of rape and incest would prevent Planned Parenthood from exploiting legal loopholes as they have in many other states.
“I believe now is the time to swing for the fences! The pro-life community must vote for legislation that would save 99.9% of children that would otherwise be killed. It would be immoral to condemn hundreds of babies to die each year that we have within our ability to save with this measure,” said Newman.
In 2006, the South Dakota legislature made pro-life history when it passed a ban on abortion. That bill was defeated by referendum, but polling indicated that South Dakotans would pass a measure that included broader exceptions.
“Although Measure 11 is far from perfect, the South Dakota law would effectively save 1,600 babies, except one, every four years. As I see the political landscape in the United States, and look at the remarkable legislative history in South Dakota, I consider Measure 11 the most promising legislation in the country,” said Newman.
“After 35 years of decriminalized abortion, we understand that there is no ‘magic bullet’ that will stop all abortions today, but we can move the ball down the field toward the ultimate goal of total abolition with principled steps that will protect thousands of babies that are currently at risk.
“Measure 11 is a giant step down the road to stopping the shedding of innocent blood once and for all.”
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