ACLU will pay outside pro-abortion agitators to influence the vote against Measure 11, the proposed abortion ban
Sioux Falls, SD – The ACLU has announced plans to bus in abortion supporters from more liberal states in an attempt to influence the outcome of vote on Measure 11, a proposed state ban on nearly all abortions. The groups are scheduled to descend upon Sioux Falls, South Dakota the first weekend in October. In addition, the ACLU has promised to pay all expenses for the out-of-state agitators, including lodging if necessary.
“Operation Rescue denounces this blatant effort by the ACLU to bring in paid agitators to influence the vote in South Dakota. We see this as an unscrupulous effort to buy the election,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The people of South Dakota have taken pride in the fact that Measure 11 is a law by South Dakotans for South Dakotans. They certainly don’t need the ACLU to bring in pro-abortion liberals to tell them what is best for their state.”
Polls have shown that the majority of South Dakotans support the abortion restrictions in Measure 11.
“We know that the good people of South Dakota embrace the traditional American values that cherish life and family. We urge South Dakotans to reject the liberal ACLU carpetbaggers and vote their consciences in support of Measure 11 on November 4,” said Newman.