Ford appointee should make way for new court

Washington, DC — Operation Rescue calls for the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens from the United States Supreme Court as soon as possible to make way for a third Bush appointment that would restore the Court to its originally intended function of interpreting the Constitution.
Stevens, 85, was appointed by President Gerald Ford in 1975 and has served on the nation’s highest court longer than any other sitting justice. He is considered an integral member of the liberal activist faction of the Court, and is a staunch supporter of abortion on demand.
For decades, the left-leaning Court has been considered an activist court that “legislates from the bench.” An example of such judicial legislation is the Roe v. Wade decision that established abortion as a previously non-existent Constitutional Right, decriminalized it, and nullified state laws banning it. No such “right” to abortion can be found in a strict reading of the Constitution in its normal sense. Many legal scholars believe Roe was “wrongly decided” and an overt act of judicial activism that usurped the function of the legislative branch of government.
“Justice Stevens, with all due respect, now is the time to move on and allow this Republican president to appoint your successor,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Our nation is weary of your brand of judicial activism that has cost the lives of over 47 million innocent children. For the good of the nation, please announce your retirement as soon as possible.”