Operation Rescue Calls For New, Untainted Investigations of Houston Planned Parenthood and 2013 Murder Case

By Cheryl Sullenger

troy-office-captionedHouston, TX – Operation Rescue President Troy Newman is calling for special prosecutors unaffiliated with Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson to conduct new investigations into Planned Parenthood’s baby parts trade and another abortion provider accused of murder. Neither were charged by two corrupted grand juries despite convincing evidence.

“We believe that the grand juries under Anderson’s authority were tainted beyond redemption by a personal and political agenda to cover up crimes of abortion providers,” said Newman. “The serious accusations against Planned Parenthood of Gulf Coast and against Houston abortionist Douglas Karpen deserve an impartial investigation that is not infected by the bias of personal relationships or political agendas.”

The call for new investigations comes in light of this week’s dismissal of felony charges against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress. Anderson’s office agreed to the dismissal because technical issues with the grand jury’s term made the indictments improper. Misdemeanor charges were dismissed weeks ago, and now the pro-life activists have been completely cleared of all charges.

Newman, who is seeking the new investigations, served as a founding member for the Center for Medical Progress.

Newman is calling for a new look into allegations that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast participated in the illegal trafficking of aborted baby remains. No vote was ever taken on potential charges against Planned Parenthood by the previous grand jury, which apparently never seriously considered evidence in undercover videos produced by Daleiden. There is also evidence that Anderson’s office improperly coordinated and shared information about the grand jury investigation with Planned Parenthood’s attorney, Josh Schaffer.

An independent forensic analysis determined that the CMP videos are authentic, not deceptive in any way, and present the speakers’ conversations in an accurate manner, contrary to Planned Parenthood’s fallacious public relations campaign to discredit them.

Newman is also calling for the reopening of the 2013 murder investigation of abortion provider Douglas Karpen, which was the result of evidence submitted by Operation Rescue through a formal complaint.

Karpen was accused by his former employees of intentionally killing babies who were born alive during late-term abortions at his Houston abortion facilities. There is reason to believe that photographic evidence showing two aborted newborns with large gashes in their throats was never submitted to the original grand jury for consideration.

During the murder investigation, Karpen was represented by one of Anderson’s closest family friends, Chip Lewis, who later publicly threatened to retaliate against Operation Rescue for making the evidence it uncovered public. After Anderson’s grand jury “no-billed” Karpen, Lewis donated $25,000 to Anderson’s political campaigns.

Newman wants the new investigations to be done with randomly selected grand jury members with special prosecutors unaffiliated with Devon Anderson or others involved in the previous investigations, including Assistant District Attorney Sunni Mitchell, who Anderson selected oversee both the Planned Parenthood and the Karpen grand juries.