Hialeah, FL — Operation Rescue is calling for the prosecution for murder of three abortion clinic workers in the death of a premature baby born alive during an abortion at A Gynecologists Diagnostic Center in Hialeah.
According to reports, an 18-year old woman reported to A Gynecologists Diagnostic Center on July 19, 2006, began a second-trimester abortion. The woman was sent home, but returned to the clinic the next day to finish the abortion but complained that she did not feel well. She was placed in a recovery room to await the doctor, who never arrived. The woman apparently delivered a live baby girl, who gasped for air for five minutes while clinic workers shrieked.
Clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez was said to have cut the baby’s umbilical cord and placed the baby and placenta into a red biohazard bag, then threw her onto the roof of the clinic where she stayed for eight days. Gonzalez was allegedly assisted by clinic administrator Siomara Senises. The abortionist who was to be on call that day was Pierre Renelique, who did not respond to pages for assistance.
An anonymous call made from a pay phone near the clinic tipped off the police to the incident. The clinic surrendered its license after the city closed it pending further investigation, but Gonzalez, Senises, and Renelique continue to operate at another Gonzalez-owned clinic just 3 miles away, posing what Operation Rescue says is a grave danger to the public.
Operation Rescue is calling for the arrest and prosecution of Gonzalez, Senises, and Renelique for the murder of the unnamed baby girl and for prosecution of Renelique for patient abandonment.
“Some are saying that because the baby girl may not have been viable, charges may not be pressed against Gonzalez, Senises, and Renelique. But the age of the little girl is irrelevant. She was born alive and deserved every legal protection of a live human being. But instead was treated as if she were a piece of trash and was tossed on a sweltering roof in the hot Florida sun to avoid detection by the authorities,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We, as a nation, can’t treat people that way, and those who do need to be held accountable.”
Operation Rescue is also seeking prosecution for the three under the Federal Born Alive Infant Protection Act.
The public is urged to call or write Assistant State Attorney Kathleen Hoague and ask for the arrest and prosecution of Belkis Gonzalez, Siomara Senises, and Pierre Renelique for their part in the murder of this innocent little girl in Hialeah, FL.
Assistant State Attorney Kathleen Hoague
Voice: 305-547-0100
FAX: 305-547-0733
Email: KathleenHoague@MiamiSAO.com
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