Pictured is a baby in the womb at six weeks gestation.


Washington, D.C. – Operation Rescue releases the following statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s action last Friday to keep the Texas Heartbeat Act in place while a court challenge filed by Texas abortionists continues through the lower courts.  [Read the ruling here.]

This statement is attributable to Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue:

This Supreme Court ruling is a huge victory because it ensures the law will continue for the foreseeable future to protect babies in the womb, which are the most innocent and vulnerable of human beings.  So far, it is estimated that abortions in Texas have decreased by half over last year’s numbers.  While some women are seeking abortions in other states, many have not and will not, resulting in thousands of innocent lives saved and mothers spared from the trauma of abortion.

Because of the likelihood that it will prevail in the lower courts, the Texas Heartbeat Act also provides a roadmap for other states to follow to provide greater protection for human babies in the womb.

This ruling may also be an indicator of which way the Supreme Court will rule on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, an important case involving protection of babies after 15 weeks gestation.  While it is difficult to predict what the Supreme Court will ultimately do with the Dobbs case, Friday’s ruling leaves us cautiously optimistic that the Court will act to protect innocent life.