Operation Rescue is a national pro-life organization that seeks to build an abortion-free America.  We research and document abortion abuses and understand abortion’s evils reflected in the massive loss of innocent human lives, and the negative impacts it has on women, families, communities, and our nation as a whole.

Public policies on the state and federal level can dramatically affect the number of abortions, the amount of harm inflicted on women through shoddy abortion practices, and the ability of pro-life supporters to communicate, educate, and take compassionate action to save innocent lives.

While not all Republicans are pro-life, the great majority of them are.  Yet, we acknowledge the political reality that GOP control of the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives is imperative to advancing protections for unborn babies and ending the scourge of abortion in our great nation. 

Should control of those three institutions fall to the Democrats, our hope of building an abortion-free America where all babies are protected and welcomed, will be extinguished — along with the lives of countless innocent children who will needlessly die due to pro-abortion Democrat policies that will be enacted upon their assumption to power.

[For more about the importance of a Republican majority, please read, “Mission Critical: Pro-Life GOP Must Maintain Control of the Senate to Support the Trump Agenda.”]

“Democrats are pouring record amounts of money into defeating President Trump and wresting the Senate from Republican control, while maintaining their own grip on the House,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.  “Republicans are being outspent in critical races around the country. For unborn babies yet to be conceived, our failure in this election is not an option. That’s why we need every pro-life supporter in all fifty states to get to the polls and vote in person to make sure every pro-life vote counts.”

Because of the “life or death” nature of this election, Operation Rescue endorsing the following Pro-Life candidates for election on November 3, 2020.


President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence


Alabama: Republican challenger Tommy Tuberville

Alaska: Republican incumbent Dan Sullivan

Arizona: Republican incumbent Martha McSally

Arkansas: Republican incumbent Tom Cotton

Colorado: No Endorsement. (Republican incumbent Corey Gardner gives only nominal pro-life support, but would help keep the Senate in GOP control.)

Delaware: Republican challenger Lauren Witzke

Georgia: Republican incumbent David Perdue

Georgia (Special):Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler

Idaho: Republican incumbent Jim Risch

Illinois: Republican challenger Mark Curran

Iowa: Republican incumbent Joni Ernst

Kansas (Open Seat): Republican Roger Marshall

Kentucky: Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell

Louisiana: Republican incumbent Bill Cassidy

Maine: No Endorsement. (Republican incumbent Susan Collins cast the deciding vote in favor of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, but voted against Amy Coney Barrett. She is not pro-life, but her seat would help keep the Senate in GOP control.)

Massachusetts: No Endorsement. (Republican challenger Kevin O’Connor does not claim to be pro-life, but opposes late-term abortions.  Flipping this seat from the fully pro-abortion Democrat would help ensure a GOP majority in the Senate.)

Michigan: Republican challenger John James

Minnesota: Republican challenger Jason Lewis

Montana: Republican incumbent Steve Daines

Nebraska: Republican incumbent Ben Sasse

New Hampshire: Republican challenger Corey Messner

New Jersey: Republican challenger Rik Mehta

New Mexico (Open Seat): Republican Mark Ronchetti

North Carolina: Republican incumbent Tom Tillis

Oklahoma: Republican incumbent Jim Inhofe

Oregon: Republican challenger Jo Rae Perkins

Rhode Island: No Endorsement. (State GOP party withdrew endorsement from Waters due to scandal.)

South Carolina: Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham

South Dakota: Republican incumbent Mike Rounds

Tennessee (Open Seat): Republican Bill Hagerty

Texas: Republican incumbent John Cornyn

Virginia: Republican challenger Daniel Gade

West Virginia: Republican incumbent Shelley Moore Capito

Wyoming (Open Seat): Republican Cynthia Loomis


Operation Rescue recommends that Americans vote Republican in House of Representative races, in order to regain control of the House from radically pro-abortion Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi. Without GOP control of the house, any pro-life initiatives will face major roadblocks.


Operation Rescue urges support only for pro-life candidates and urges voters to do their homework when casting votes in state and local races.  Remember, every elected position is a stepping stone to higher office, so every election matters.