Originally published November 23, 2023, on WND. This and other op-eds selected for Operation Rescue’s Op-Ed Friday may or may not mirror Operation Rescue’s position at every facet. However, the thoughtful insight shared merits a careful reading.

How to End Abortion-Homicide AND Defeat Democrats in 2024

By Michael Nedderman

Decries of ‘Legal Fiction’ Used in Both Roe and Dobbs decisions

Pro-life organizations have done excellent work in their respective areas of operation. However, the following polling data shows that the uncoordinated pro-life community is badly losing to the reality-deniers:

Why, after 50 years, has our pro-life 13% utterly failed to persuade the 85% who believe elective abortion-homicide should be somehow legal?

Answer: A mass-delusion (“it” isn’t human/alive) enables most of that 85% to deny the scientific/logical/moral reality that life begins at the beginning, at conception/fertilization (science uses “fertilization”).

The 85% protect their mass-delusion with “magical euphemisms” based upon the Ministry of Truth’s BIG LIE: Roe v. Wade’s genocide-authorizing legal fiction, upheld/affirmed by Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, legally defined the preborn as not even Nazi-subhuman, but merely “potential life” (“subhuman” clearly implies life). Potential means “possible, as opposed to actual,” or, “not actually alive.”

The rationale for legal fictions: just results. For example, corporations are deemed legal “persons” so they can conduct business and appear in court. According to Roe/Dobbs, the preborn are “non-persons.”

Without their BIG LIE euphemisms, the reality-denying 85% would have to acknowledge the homicidal (personal) and genocidal (national) nature of their child-sacrificing obsession. After all, who wants to admit killing their child, being a doctor far worse than Nazi “Angel of Death” Josef Mengele, or an advocate for the worst genocide in history?

In fact, “abortion” is a pro-abortion euphemism for “abortion-homicide.” Homicide: one human killing another.

The 85%, and the courts, couldn’t get away with their BIG LIE if a unified pro-life community, and candidates, presented the scientific facts and moral truth in a simple PR campaign – not about policy compromises with evil (i.e., “15 vs. 6 weeks, etc.”), but “the fact of life”: It begins at the beginning, where else?

Contrasting: It’s clear that those favoring mass abortion-homicide have done one thing very well – market the Roe/Dobbs BIG LIE that preborn life isn’t a consideration in the legal/social/moral decision whether “a woman” (a mother) can “terminate her pregnancy” (kill her child). They even convinced the conservative Dobbs justices!

So that no one could doubt its ruling that the preborn are not alive/human for purposes of abortion-homicide law, the Roe Court double emphasized its legal fiction, upheld by Dobbs, that:

“… the fetus, at most, represents only the potentiality of life.” (Roe, page 162.)

According to Roe/Dobbs, “terminating” an inanimate “it” that merely has the “potentiality of life” isn’t homicide/murder. The Roe/Dobbs legal fiction is how history’s worst crime against humanity, The Great American Abortion Holocaust of 65 million actual lives, was magically/legally transformed into benign “reproductive health care,” making it politically/socially acceptable to 85% of Americans who seriously ask: “When is ‘it’ human?”

The Roe/Dobbs legal fiction (“it” doesn’t exist) permits America’s Angel of Death abortion doctors to ignore reality/morality and legallytreat one patient, “a woman,” instead of two, “a mother with child.”

Dobbs’ complicity: Authorizing the states to vote to legalize evil, is evil.

Sieg heil, Roe/Dobbs! (Nazi salute meaning, “hail to victory.”)

An effective expose’-campaign can win this spiritual war by broadcasting the scientific/logical/moral truth everywhere, separating the persuadable from the wolves.

How America’s holocaust happened: The Casey Court approvingly described how Roe initiated the slaughter of the innocents by acknowledging only two of the three “interests” involved (Page 871). Using its holocaust-authorizing legal fiction, “potential life,” Roe defined out-of-existence (“disappeared”) actual preborn lives when balancing “the woman’s” interest (a mother with child) against the state’s interest to protect the “potentiality of life.”

Using its legal fiction “sword,” the Roe majority resolved those conflicting interests by actually cutting the “potential babies” in half65 million, forever “unborn.”

By uncritically using demon Roe’s legal fiction “sword” 12 times, demon Dobbs also cut the “potential babies” in half – about 1 million forever “unborn,” and counting. See: Roe v. Wade is gone, abortions are on the rise.”

Differences and similarities: Roe sided with “the woman,” while Dobbs sided with the state by affirming/upholding Roe’s science-rejecting, genocide-authorizing legal fiction that there’s no actual life growing inside of mom with an inherent “interest” to continue living; merely an “it” with the “potentiality of life.”

Roe actually pointed directly to the winning PR and legal formula:

Wade/Texas “and certain amici argue that the fetus is a ‘person’ within the language and meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment. In support of this, they outline at length and in detail the well-known facts of fetal development. If this suggestion of personhood is established, [Roe’s] case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the Amendment.” (Roe, pages 156-157.)

Imagine quoting Roe in a pro-life mass-marketing ad, or in a brief asking the Supreme Court to judicially notice “that the fetus is a ‘person’ within the language and meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment” because:

“As basic embryology textbooks now teach, life begins at fertilization – a fact that surprises no one in the medical profession.” (Dobbs amicus brief of the American College of Pediatricians and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, page 27.)

If Roe or Dobbs had acknowledged the scientific/logical fact that life begins at the beginning (where else?), mass abortion-homicide couldn’t have been authorized by those demonic decisions – not even in the states – BECAUSE IT IS HOMICIDE!

The 85% identify the winning strategy by exposing their fear of the truth when obsessively protecting their legal fiction/BIG LIE with reality-denying, defensive euphemisms intended to blind folks, especially themselves, to the truth that abortion-homicide butchers living boys and girls.

Prescription for ending abortion-homicide:

  • Admitting that we’ve failed to persuade 85% of Americans so we can make new plans, like …
  • implementing an aggressive, yet simple, nationwide campaign by a unified pro-life community to educate/confront/shame everyone, especially the media (no policy, “just the facts, ma’am”), coupled with …
  • establishing the constitutional personhood of preborn Americans by asking the Supreme Court to take judicial notice of the debate-changing, scientific/logical “fact of life” – it begins at the beginning – at conception/fertilization.

Federal Rule of Evidence 201, (b):
“The court may [‘on its own’ (c)(1)] judicially notice a fact that is not subject to reasonable dispute.”

Pray that the pro-life community unites to end The Great American Abortion Holocaust.

Michael Nedderman is a California-based writer, author of the Preborn Americans United series; Yes, There is a Prayer to Jesus in the Declaration of Independence!; The God America Officially Thanks on Thanksgiving Day is Jesus Christ; “The Personal Exemption and Inflation Tax; If the 40 million Christians Who Don’t Vote Did Vote,Why Should Charlie Kirk be Ineligible to Run for President?, and the eBook, America’s Primal Prayer. He can be reached at AmericasPrimalPrayer@gmail.com, 916-952-0707.