Operation Rescue is calling for those of conscience to avoid using Christ Hospital in Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH – An abortionist that provides emergency hospital care to injured abortion patients of late-term abortionist Martin Haskell has been hired by the same hospital that stripped him of privileges just last year.
In a press release issued by Christ Hospital on May 1, 2012, it was announced that Walter T. Bowers, II, would be employed by Christ Hospital as a Gynecologist and has moved his office into their facility.
However, in July, 2011, Christ Hospital terminated Bower’s hospital privileges pending the outcome of the Ohio Medical Board’s decision on charges his was negligent in causing the death of a wanted baby in Kentucky.
“It is outrageous that Bowers is being embraced by Christ Hospital in light of his past history of fatal negligence and dishonesty,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “This man is not fit to practice medicine.”
Bowers has held himself out to be Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, but according to his own deposition taken in August, 2011, Bowers is not and never has been Board Certified in any specialty. A check with the American Board of Medical Specialties indicated that Bowers holds no Board Certification.
Bowers also attempted to conceal from the Ohio Medical Board his employment at Clinic for Women, an abortion clinic in Indianapolis. He told the Ohio Medical Board under oath that he did not practice in Indiana, when in fact he had listed Clinic for Women as his Indiana address on his medical license in that state.
Bowers, has a written agreement to provide emergency hospital care to injured abortion patients of Martin Haskell, who offers extremely late-term abortions in Dayton and Sharonville, Ohio. Because of Haskell’s agreement with Bowers and another physician, the Ohio Department of Health has issued a variance allowing Haskell to continue to operate even though he personally has no hospital privileges as required by law.
Haskell is currently under investigation by the Ohio Medical Board after a pattern of botched abortions was uncovered by pro-life activists.
Operation Rescue objected to Bowers’ agreement with Haskell after it was learned that he paid out $250,000 after being sued by a family that lost a wanted baby due to Bowers’ negligence. That caused Kentucky to bar him from the practice of obstetrics, put him under investigation in the State of Indiana, and prompted a Board action to be launched against him in Ohio.
In October, 2011, the Ohio Medical Board reprimanded Bowers for the avoidable death and placed him on two years of probation.
“We ask Christ Hospital to seriously reconsider their affiliation with Bowers, who places them squarely in cahoots with Haskell’s dangerous late-term abortion business,” said Newman. “This looks like a backroom deal to keep Haskell’s abortion business afloat. Bowers has proven that he cannot be trusted to tell the truth or provide adequate health care. This is a black eye to Christ Hospital. We are asking all those who support life to abstain from using Christ Hospital for their health care needs until they disaffiliate with Bowers and with the heinous practice of abortion.”
Please contact Christ Hospital and ask them to disaffiliate with Bowers and with any ties to the abortion industry.
Michael Beauchat
Phone: 513-585-4900
E-Mail: Michael.Beauchat@TheChristHospital.com