Dayton, Ohio – Ohio has dropped its efforts to close a suburban Dayton abortion clinic that was operating without an agreement with a local hospital for emergency care in violation of the law.
Health Director Dr. Alvin Jackson stated Tuesday that he is satisfied that late-term abortionist Martin Haskell has sufficiently provided the names of Miami Valley Hospital and three physicians who have agreed to treat Haskell’s botched abortion patients. Pro-life groups are expressing disappointment and outrage that efforts to close the clinic have been discontinued.
Haskell, who heavily promoted the partial-birth abortion procedure recently banned in the Untied States, operated his abortion mill for five years in violation of the law until the Health Department finally revoked his clinic license three weeks ago. Even then, Haskell continued to keep his mill open despite the dangers to women who had no emergency plan in the event of complications.
“It is little wonder why abortionists continue to believe they are above the law when non-enforcement of existing laws sends them that message loud and clear,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“If Haskell would so brazenly thumb his nose at the law over safety issues, we have to wonder if he isn’t breaking the law in other areas,” said Newman. “Has Haskell discontinued the now illegal partial-birth abortion method of killing late-term, viable babies? How do we know if he has or hasn’t? We call on the State of Ohio to launch a detailed investigation into Haskell’s mill to determine if he is in violation of any other state and local laws.”