The Wichita Clinic issues press release confirming two doctors have agreed to discontinue providing signatures for Tiller’s late-term abortions
Wichita, KS – Less than eight hours after Operation Rescue released his name to the public, Burt Odenheimer and another physician have agreed to no longer provide the second opinion for Tiller’s late-term abortion patients starting immediately.
A press release from the Wichita Clinic, where both Odenheimer and the other doctor had been secretly seeing Tiller’s patients, confirmed that until this morning, the Clinic had no knowledge that they were doing so. It also confirmed that both Odenheimer and the other physician had been providing the second opinions and that both agreed to stop.
“We have the utmost respect for the Wichita Clinic and the way they have handled this situation. As soon as they became aware that their clinic was being secretly used to enable late abortions, they took care of it immediately,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We wish to publicly thank them for their quick action, and commitment to life-affirming medicine.”
“We understand that many people communicated with the Wichita Clinic this morning, expressing their dismay with the Clinic’s association with Tiller. We want to thank each and every one of them who took the time to voice their concern,” said Newman. “This incident underscores the fact that the community does not support Tiller’s abortion business, and take it very seriously when others engage in actions that help him continue take the innocent lives of the pre-born. It also shows to what lengths Tiller and his cohorts will go to in order to hide the truth about what they are doing.”
OR discovered Odenheimer was collaborating with Tiller and released the information as part of a “second phase” of efforts to expose Tiller after the citizen-called grand jury dismissed without indictments earlier this month. Newman announced the plan at a leadership meeting held last week, where this and other strategies were discussed.
Operation Rescue plans to make further announcements about other Tiller abortion collaborators later this week.
Read the Wichita Clinic’s Press Release