Pro-life groups demand Attorney General’s resignation at noon rally for not properly enforcing Kansas Law

Topeka, KS — Clear and convincing testimony was presented today before an interim legislative committee examining late-term abortions that illegal abortions provided in Kansas draw women from across the nation, allowing them to circumvent their own state’s laws against late abortions.
Over the objections of pro-abortion members of the committee, a 44-minute interview with nationally acclaimed psychiatrist Dr. Paul McHugh was played for the committee. There McHugh indicated that after examining medical records from George Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, he believes that Tiller is misusing psychiatry to justify post-viability abortions that would otherwise be illegal.
Attempting to refute the McHugh testimony was self-avowed pro-abortion psychiatrist Doug Mould of Wichita, who has made recent headlines because he was never cleared of suspicion in the murder of his wife, Carol, in 2004. Her murder case remains open.
During his testimony, Mould admitted that he never examined the Tiller abortion records for himself. However, Mould agreed with McHugh that the lack of follow-up care provided by Tiller is a violation of the standard of care.
On the other hand, a number of pro-life presenters “hit the ball out of the park” when discussing the non-enforcement of Kansas law and the devastating effects it is having across the nation.
During the noon break, a group of about 75 pro-lifers marched over to the steps of the Kansas Attorney General’s office and were led in the chant “Morrison, Resign!” by Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. Pro-life groups have criticized Morrison for charging Tiller with a less serious part of the late-term abortion statute, and for not expanding his investigation to include the last five years.
“Because authorities look the other way and allow illegal late-term abortions take place, it is causing a flood of emotional pain and heartache in families in nearly every state in the union,” said Newman. “It’s time to close the illegal abortion loophole and enforce the laws as they are written, not how the pro-abortion attorney general or the district attorney wishes they were written.”