Washington, DC – Operation Rescue warns that pro-abortion efforts to restore taxpayer funded abortions in the proposed health care legislation could be successful if those opposed to the abortion bail-out plan do not maintain public pressure on their Senators.
A first vote could come as early as this week.
“Now more than ever we must ring the phones off the hook in Washington, DC, and let the Senate know that 71 percent of the American people oppose taxpayer funded abortions,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“Don’t believe Obama when he says that there will be no federal funding for abortions in the health care bill. He has made it well known that he places a high priority on abortion funding.”
In 2007, Obama promised a group of Planned Parenthood supporters that abortion funding was central to his health care proposal. He told them, “In my mind, reproductive care is essential care. It is basic care and so it is at the center and at the heart of the plan I am proposing.”
However, once Americans began to voice their disapproval of taxpayer funded abortions, Obama appeared to change his tune in an attempt to deflect the firestorm of criticism. On September 9, 2009, Obama stated, “And one more misunderstanding I want to clear up. Under our plan, no federal funds will be used to fund abortions.”
“Misunderstanding, Mr. President?” asks Newman. “Most Americans understand all too clearly, not that you make it easy for us.”
After the Stupak amendment, which banned federal funding of abortions, passed in the House, Obama again went to the media, this time with a rambling statement so packed with double-speak that it left even political pundits scratching their heads.
Obama told ABC News that there was work yet to do regarding tax-funding of abortions. He said, “I’m confident that we can arrive at this place where neither side feels that it’s been betrayed.”
But Obama would have to bend the laws of physics and rationality in order to find that geographic anomaly.
“The abortion cartel will not be happy with anything less than full tax-funding for every abortion, but the conscience of pro-lifers cannot bear even one cent going to fund abortions. There isn’t any middle ground,” said Newman.
Last week Obama’s top aide, Rahm Emanuel, met with an angry group women from pro-abortion organizations disgruntled that Obama did not ramrod abortion funding through the House. According to the Associated Press, Emanuel told them, “We’re your friends and the president is pro-choice. There’s no need for anger here.”
On Sunday, David Axelrod told CBS that Obama is working to ensure that the ban on abortion funding is stripped from the health care bill.
“It seems like Obama is more willing to kowtow to the demands of 15 bra-burners from the 1960’s than heed the concerns of 71 percent of the American people who today are opposed to taxpayer funded abortions,” said Newman. “We cannot let up pressure for a minute. The battle is just heating up. If we lose this fight, it will cost the lives of untold thousands – perhaps millions of innocent children.”
Please contact your Senators today and let them know that it is unacceptable that even one cent of tax money should be used to fund abortions.
Visit IAM71.org for more ways voice opposition.