[Cartoon used with permission of John Francis Borra, veritatis@eaglecom.net.]
Commentary from the artist…
Barack Obama wants us to believe his words matter. And why shouldn’t he? Other than a brief voting record, he has nothing else to offer. Unfortunately, what figures most prominently in that record is unwavering support for killing our unborn, newborn and disabled citizens.
It’s a sobering comment on our society that someone as contemptuous of human life as Adolph Hitler, Margaret Sanger or Osama bin Laden may well become the next president of the United States. In a country whose majority claims to be Christian, this contest should not be close; indeed, Barack Obama should not even be in the running. Yet ours is a society lost in a pother of relativism, in which “Christian” means little and human life means even less.
Contrast Obama’s objectification of people with Sarah Palin’s affirmation of them. Never has there been such stark contrast in American politics. Never. An enabler of the greatest threats to mankind– abortion, euthanasia, cloning and lethal experimentation– against a witness to the beauty, joy and sanctity of life. It’s not going too far at all to characterize this presidential race in biblical terms. Indeed, Obama’s carefully chosen words regarding “reproductive freedom” bring to mind the serpent’s lie to Eve; it’s the very same promise the abortion industry, euthanasia advocates and promoters of human cloning offer the gullible today: you will be like God.
Some suggest that Sarah Palin’s appearance in this election is providential. It’s easy to see why. Standing before the world, amid a culture that relegates children with Down syndrome quite literally to trash bins, Sarah Palin bears unabashed witness to a mother’s love for a baby she calls perfection. Such respect for the human person should trump all other considerations when choosing chief executives; alas, not in today’s America.
Foundering in a blood bath of our own making, the choice facing Americans never has been clearer: “change” leading to even more carnage or a renewed respect for life and all its blessings.
Semper veritas,
John Francis Borra, SFO