Federal Funding of Destructive Human Embryo Experimentation Is Morally Unethical and Fiscally Irresponsible
Washington, DC – President Barack Obama is scheduled on Monday to lift the ban imposed by President George W. Bush on life-destructive human embryonic stem cell experimentation, which destroys living human beings in the earliest stages of development.
“Obama’s policy of forcing tax payers to fund lethal human experimentation is morally unethical and fiscally irresponsible,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Destructive human embryonic stem cell research has produced no therapies that have benefitted people, and have only produced horrific side effects in preliminary test subjects. It would be more beneficial to the country to pour that money down a rat hole, than to fund such ghoulish experiments.”
Operation Rescue supports continued research on adult stem cell therapies, which can be done without killing human embryos, and are benefitting many people who now suffer from a wide range of diseases.
“Obama is continuing to show his true colors on life issues by implementing the most radical policies that are meant to establish a culture of death in America,” said Newman.
A case in point is Obama’s recent pick of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Her abortion extremism and friendship with late-term abortionist George Tiller, who faces trial next week on 19 criminal counts of committing illegal abortions, is well documented. If confirmed, Sebelius would have oversight of tax spending for human embryonic experimentation.
Operation Rescue was on the cutting edge of exposing the unethical nature of live human embryo experimentation. OR led the first ever protests of embryonic stem cell experimentation laboratories in 1999, and produced a booklet in 2000 to help laymen understand the life-destructive nature of embryonic stem cell research and other emerging biotechnologies. In 2001, Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger were arrested for peaceful civil disobedience while protesting human embryo experimentation at the HHS building and at the White House in Washington, DC.