[The following is a press release from VoteYesForLife.com, the group working to uphold South Dakota’s historic abortion ban. Operation Rescue is priveleged to have worked with these courageous people. Please keep this critical vote in your prayers and help them in any way you can. –OR Staff]
SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota, Sept. 29 /Christian Newswire/ — “As VoteYesForLife.com spreads truth, people are gaining the freedom to express their opinions for Referred Law 6,” says Leslee Unruh, campaign manager. “The momentum is with the vote yes campaign and we are just getting started.”
The pro-life campaign gained 5 points since a July Mason-Dixon poll release. VoteYesForLife.com attributes the surge to its grassroots efforts and compassionate message.
South Dakota women are showing more approval for Referred Law 6. Their opinions display an eight point increase, with 47 percent support. Male endorsement rose two points, to 41 percent.
Abortion proponents often say abortion needs to be legal for women and young people. Yet the new poll suggests that voters under 30 back the law at a rate of two to one. Additionally, women are expressing overwhelming support for the limitation of abortion.
A question concerning the rape and incest provision was asked of those who identified themselves as no voters. Of this group 40 percent would vote yes, 30 percent would vote no. According to the Zogby poll, 63 percent of South Dakotans would support Referred Law 6 if they knew about the rape and incest provisions in the law.
Zogby International conducted a survey of 531 likely South Dakota voters (Margin of Error: +/- 4.3%) on September 20. The key findings include the following:
1. Head-to-head:
If the vote for House Bill 1215 which would outlaw all abortions with an exception for the life of the mother were held today, would you vote for House Bill 1215 to outlaw most abortions or would you vote against House Bill 1215?
9/20 7/’06
Zogby Mason-Dixon Difference
Yes 44 39 +5
No 47 47 0
VoteYesForLife.com campaigns on behalf of Referred Law 6. The campaign organized in 2006 to support HB 1215, the Women’s Health and Human Life Protection Act.
Contact: Kimberly Martinez, Press Secretary, VoteYesForLife.com, 605-271-3975, 605-929-0176 cell