Operation Rescue urges the grassroots to act now to stop Obama’s radical, socialistic abortion agenda through Youtube.com commentary and radio spots.
Washington, DC – President Barack Obama continues to rush forward to pass a massive overhaul of the nation’s health care system that would include tax-funding of abortions.
Operation Rescue has released a video commentary on Youtube.com and is running radio ads to urge the grass roots to oppose Obama’s health care boondoggle.
“Congress is being pressured to pass a bill that would not do what Obama is telling the nation it would do,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It would force Americans to pay for abortions against their will and their consciences. We must speak out now against this radical march to socialism and state funded child-killing. We cannot allow even one dime of our money to pay for abortion.”
Although the details are still unclear, Obama’s proposals would:

  • Raise health care costs and force many who are currently insured to lose their coverage because their insurance provider cannot compete with the government.
  • Lead to rationed health care, which could cost the lives of thousands of people who are not deemed worth of certain treatments.
  • Dramatically increase taxes, because someone has to pay the bill and the government is out of money.
  • Worst of all, it would force the American taxpayer to fund abortions – something that will lead to an increase in abortion numbers.
  • “America is about to experience an unparalleled assault on the pre-born child. If Obama succeeds in financing abortion in his health care plan, it will set the pro-life movement back two decades and cost the lives of millions of innocent babies. If we don’t act today, we could come back from our summer vacations to a very different America,” said Newman.
    View video commentary below.
    Listen to radio spot.

    Please contact your Senators and Congressmen now and tell them that not one dime of taxpayer money should go to abortion.

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