Erie, PA–Abortionist Harvey Brookman received what amounts to a slap on the wrist for multiple infractions, including not having an adequate medical license. Abortionist Brookman only received a temporary license suspension after the State of Pennsylvania charged Abortionist Brookman with (1) practicing without malpractice insurance, (2) giving expired drugs to patients, (3) allowing unlicensed staff to administer drugs, (4) failing to check his patients’ age and identity, (5) performing abortions without a licensed registered nurse present, and (6) not having the proper medical license.
“But obviously these charges were not egregious enough,” says Troy Newman, President of Operation responding to the latest allegation.
Last week Abortionist Brookman was charged by the state with (7) professional misconduct for perforating a teenager’s uterus and colon during an abortion.
“I’ll say what the State of Pennsylvania won’t: Brookman was running a ‘chop shop’ baby-killing center.” said Newman. “And by the way, how can you suspend a license on someone who is being charged with practicing medicine without a license? I guess if Brookman were to murder someone on Lake Erie Beach perhaps the Medical Board would finally revoke his medical license.”
Brookman is no stranger to trouble. He has been disciplined and run out of New York State for unprofessional conduct. He has committed over 2,400 abortions without malpractice insurance as required by law and one of his patients almost died. In New Jersey, Abortionist Brookman admitted that he committed gross negligence, repeated acts of negligence, and endangered the health of patients.
Cheryl Sullenger, a strategist for Operation Rescue admits these charges require tougher legislation. “Here in Kansas we have similar circumstances. Women are being killed and maimed, abortion clinics are literally rat-infested, and yet the Medical Board takes insignificant disciplinary actions that do not solve the problems. What is needed are strict laws with real teeth to properly punish these butchers before they can murder and maim more women and children.”