By Cheryl Sullenger

Lansing, MI – Emergency 911 records recently obtained by Operation Rescue reveal that a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in the Frandor area of Lansing, Michigan, callously ordered an ambulance to run without sirens in an apparent attempt to keep the public from being alerted to a medical emergency that was unfolding inside the abortion business.

The Lansing Planned Parenthood, which is located in a strip mall, dispenses abortion-inducing drugs, but does not conduct surgical abortions.  It also provides post-abortion follow-up exams.

The call, which took place on March 15, 2018, indicated that a 38-year old woman had fainted and hit her head hard on the floor.  It appeared that the person who placed the 911 call was a bystander, and not on Planned Parenthood’s staff.

It is unknown if this emergency was related to an abortion or post-abortion patient. 

Before the address of the emergency or the condition of the woman could be given to the 911 dispatcher, the caller was heard saying, “No sirens!  They said no sirens.”

The ambulance was dispatched with a “charlie response,” which is an order for an ambulance with advanced life support capabilities to run “cold,” or without sirens.

During the call, the woman who fell was revived to consciousness, but she had difficulty responding to Planned Parenthood staff.  By the end of the call, she began to vomit.

“The first thought, even before anything else, was to make sure the ambulance ran without sirens.  A woman was laying on the floor dazed and vomiting, but ordering no sirens was Planned Parenthood’s first priority. Silent running is known to delay emergency responders from reaching the scene and getting timely help to the people who need it,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which documents medical emergencies at abortion facilities.

In at least one state, that is a crime.  In 2017, Missouri passed a state law with several abortion-related provisions, including a prohibition on abortion facilities ordering ambulances to run without lights and sirens.  This ensures that women suffering serious abortion complications get emergency care as soon as possible.

There is only one abortion facility left in Missouri.  It is a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in St. Louis, which has sparked controversy over its high number of medical emergencies involving the transport of abortion patients to hospitals.

The woman at the Planned Parenthood in Lansing was later transported to Sparrow Hospital for further medical care.

“The Lansing, Michigan, incident is just another example of how Planned Parenthood places public relations above the lives and health of women,” said Newman. “They really do not want the public to know exactly how many women are being sent to hospitals – often with life-threatening injuries from botched abortions.  Planned Parenthood should not be allowed to delay emergency help to women just so they don’t look bad or to preserve their fake claims of abortion safety.”

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