Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue President Troy Newman returned safely this week from a trip to Iraq where he met with Prime Minister al-Maliki.
Newman was part of an historic delegation was led by Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, and was the first Christian group to be formally welcomed by the Iraqi government. The delegation consisted of six members including Mahoney, Newman, Dr. Gary Cass, Keith Ferguson, David Bradshaw, and Kris Keating.
The delegation met with the Prime Minister and presented him with a display of the Ten Commandments and pictures drawn by American school children for Iraqi school children. The Christians then prayed for the Prime Minister and the nation of Iraq in Jesus’ name.
Newman said they had an amazing time and were used by God mightily while they were there, but he expressed concern for the plight of Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities should the U.S. prematurely leave the war-torn nation.
“We’re concerned that an American pull-out could lead to the massive genocide and extermination of religious minorities,” Newman said. “As one Iraqi Christian leader told us, ‘If American troops were to leave Iraq prematurely, Christians would be exterminated.’”
Newman has made available photos, personal notes, and observations from his trip. Click here to read them.