Will help lead “Abortion Is Not Health Care” Vigil later today, which will include a memorial to slain pro-life activist

Washington, DC – Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, attended the “Tea Party” protest on the Mall in Washington, D.C. yesterday where thousands of Americans from nearly every walk of life gathered to voice patriotic fervor and opposition to Obama’s socialistic political agenda.
Pro-life/pro-family sentiment held forth a strong voice on Saturday with hundreds of signs targeting Obama’s plan for tax-funding of abortion in health care reform. Also of concern were end-of-life issues. Protesters stood in opposition to rationed health care, “death panels,” and the promotion of assisted suicide for the sick and elderly.
“It was an amazing experience to walk among the thousands of Americans who took the time to come to DC from around the nation, many for the first time, and speak to them about the concerns, hopes and dreams for the future of America. These people were unashamedly pro-life and understood the value of each individual who is created in the image of God,” said Newman. “They were also very concerned about the corruption and the rush to socialism that is exemplified in Obama’s health care reform agenda.”
Newman will be attending an “Abortion is Not Health Care” prayer vigil on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol later today, which will feature a memorial to slain pro-life activist Jim Pouillon. A gunman targeted and killed Pouillon on Friday in Owosso, Michigan, specifically because he did not agree with his pro-life witness. Pouillon had planned to attend the event before he was gunned down.