Washington, DC – Operation Rescue President Troy Newman is one of 26 national conservative leaders to issue an open letter to Presidential candidate John McCain opposing Mitt Romney as his Vice Presidential running mate.
The letter has appeared as a full-page ad ran in a Prescott, Arizona, newspaper where McCain was campaigning over the weekend.
The ad read in part:

We are conservatives who believe strongly in the sanctity of human life and of marriage and we recognize that the issues at stake in this upcoming election are serious and profound. FOR US THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: The unvarnished facts of Mitt Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts make him utterly unacceptable as a Vice Presidential choice.

News of this campaign has made headlines across the nation since Friday, virtually assuring that McCain will not further anger conservatives by choosing Romney as his running mate.
“I am proud to join these conservatives leaders in lifting my voice against a possible vice presidential candidate that, by his actions, has indicated he does not share our respect for pre-born human life and dignity,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
Read the full ad that appeared in the Prescott Daily Courier.
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