Newman encourages all pro-life supporters possible to join him at the March for Life on Friday

By Cheryl Sullenger
Washington, DC – Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman, accompanied by his attorney, Catherine Glenn Foster, visited the office of Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal yesterday to hand deliver a demand letter seeking a retraction and apology from the pro-abortion politician for false accusations he leveled against Newman and Operation Rescue during the confirmation hearing of Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions.
Blumenthal had accused Operation Rescue of supporting violence, when in fact, the organization has a decades-long history of peaceful activism and has regularly denounced the use of violence against abortion facilities and staff.
Within minutes of being confronted on the social network Twitter about his lies, Blumenthal doubled down by repeating his falsehoods in a tweet. That tweet remains active on his Twitter feed.

Fr. Terry Gensemer, Director of CEC for Life, also accompanied Newman and Foster. The group asked for a meeting with Sen. Blumenthal. After several minutes of waiting, three very unhappy-looking Blumenthal staffers were sent out to meet with them.
The demand letter was delivered without incident to the less-than enthusiastic staffers.
“It is important to call out falsehoods that can be damaging not just to my reputation, but to the reputation of peaceful pro-life supporters everywhere. There’s enough fake news out there without Sen. Blumenthal adding to it,” said Newman. “The truth is that the real violence takes place inside the abortion facilities where nearly 60 million innocent babies have been brutally killed through the barbaric practice of abortion.”
Blumenthal was a supporter of last weekend’s raunchy, pro-abortion Women’s March and tweeted a photo of himself under a banner demanding “dignity and rights for all.”

“Blumenthal believes in dignity and rights for everyone except defenseless babies and those who defend them. I call on Sen. Blumenthal to set aside his bigotry and intolerance of pre-born children and denounce of the violence of abortion. I encourage him to work to ensure all Americans are protected without prejudice against those still in the womb,” said Newman. “I also urge everyone possible to join me in Washington, D.C. for the March for Life at this important moment in history where we will stand for the true values of the American people who embrace the right to life and liberty.”
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