Chula Vista, CA — The Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy is a chain of abortion mills in Southern California that should raise the ire of every human being whether they be pro-life or not. The actions of their abortionists violate every sense of decency.
Operation Rescue has previously reported that one abortionist at the Chula Vista office of this chain, 84-year old Phillip Rand, finally surrendered his medical license earlier this year. He had been sued for malpractice and negligence over 40 times, and left a long line of maimed women — not to mention dead babies — during his long and tragic child-killing career.
OR also reported that the Medical Director for this chain, Laurence Reich, was twice been convicted of sexual assault on his female patients, yet shamefully continues to operate out of the Panorama City office because the California’s Board of Osteopathy cannot seem to decide on appropriate punishment for such acts of perversion and betrayal.
But these are not the only “Clinica Medica” abortionists to have legal problems. Operation Rescue focused a 1-year campaign on these abortion mills and during that time the former Medical Director, Nicholas Braemer, surrendered his medical license under threat of revocation in 2001, after years of botched abortions and abortion deaths. Abortionist Mohamed F. Dia also surrendered his medical license in 1999 rather than have it revoked for malpractice and negligence. Physician’s Assistant Steven Turnipseed, known as “Dr. Steve”, left “Clinica Medica” employment and disappeared after complaints were filed by an Operation Rescue staff member who had documented that he was committing abortions illegally and practicing medicine without a license.
Now comes the most recent story, published in the November, 2005 issue of the San Diego News Notes about the abortionist who has taken Phillip Rand’s place at the failing Chula Vista office. Abortionist and drug addict John Ramon Rivera, Jr., was caught and convicted of groping the genital area of a woman and being under the influence of ecstasy in San Diego in 2002. The question posed in the article is a legitimate one: “What do you have to do to loose your medical license?” Apparently, if you are an abortionist, quite a lot.

What Do You Have to Do to Lose Your Medical License?

Chula Vista Abortion Clinic Replaces a Butcher With a Masher
The notorious Clinica Medica Para La Mujer de Hoy abortion clinic in Chula Vista has replaced the dangerous Dr. Phillip Rand with a man who was arrested in 2002 for drug possession and groping a young woman in the Gaslamp Quarter.
When the 84-year-old Rand, who has been sued multiple times in response to injuries — some of them fatal — he allegedly inflicted on his patients, surrendered his license under threat of revocation earlier this year, there was relief but no big shock wave among local pro-lifers who felt he should have lost his license years ago. Rand’s replacement at the Bertha Bugarin-owned Clinica Medica, Dr. John Rivera, has had his own share of run-ins with the California Medical Board and the court system.
On May 20, 2002 the California Medical Board filed an accusation against Dr. Rivera for conviction of a crime, self-use of drugs, general unprofessional conduct and dishonesty.
The following is an excerpt from the Medical Board accusation (Case No.10-2001-125390) dealing with Rivera. “On or about Sept 7, 2001, T.B. was in the Gaslamp area of San Diego attending the Street Scene festival. She was standing in line waiting to purchase a couple of beers when Dr. John Rivera came up to her and began talking with her. He asked her if she would like to attend an ecstasy party the next night, but T.B. said she didn’t do that kind of thing. Dr. Rivera then asked T.B. if she would buy him a beer. After she purchased two beers, T.B. turned around to leave when Dr. Rivera reached around another female standing between them and grabbed T.B. tightly in the vaginal area. T.B. hit Dr. Rivera in the head trying to make him let go. T.B. told T.P. what Dr. Rivera did and T.P. held Dr. Rivera down until police responded.”
When they arrived, police officers found a baggie with white residue in it in Rivera’s possession. Rivera told police that he found it and then that someone from Tijuana gave it to him. He denied using drugs that night. But a urine specimen showed he had been using ecstasy.”
Rivera was convicted in criminal court on February 25, 2002, after pleading guilty to one count of being under the influence of a controlled substance. One year later, on April 28, 2003, the Medical Board revoked his license but stayed the order and placed Rivera on three years of probation and drug rehab classes. His probation lasts until April 2006.