Second ruling against ban on barbaric abortion method reveals judicial tyranny
— Operation Rescue West strongly condemns today’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Richard C. Casey who ruled that the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act passed by Congress last year is “unconstitutional” because it does not provide a “health” exception.
Casey’s decision is the second opinion issued out of three cases filed challenging the PBA Ban that was signed into law last year. A San Francisco court has already ruled the ban unconstitutional. A Lincoln, Nebraska, court has yet to rule.
The controversial “health” exception language was deliberately left out of the federal legislation because of concerns that “health” could be so broadly interpreted that it would, in effect, nullify the ban. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act does, however, provide an exception if the mother’s life is endangered by a pregnancy.

pba.jpgA partial birth abortion is a controversial abortion method that is performed on pre-born babies in the later stages of pregnancy. The body of the baby is forcibly pulled out of the birth canal until only the head is left inside. The skull is then pierced and the cranial contents are then suctioned out, collapsing the head and allowing it to slip easily from the birth canal.
“This is just another example of judicial tyranny thwarting the will of the people to govern themselves. An overwhelming percentage of Americans oppose this barbaric abortion procedure. A majority of their duly elected representatives voted for the ban and the President has signed it into law. Now comes Judge Casey saying that he knows better than the collective common sense of the American people, the Congress of the United States, and the President. And the ones who will suffer from this arrogance are the tiny babies who will be mercilessly butchered by ghoulish abortionists who, according to testimony in Judge Casey’s court, take pride in late-term child killing. Nothing could be more unjust or immoral.”
-Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue West