Operation Rescue calls on police to conduct murder investigations of Planned Parenthood for Gosnell-like killings of babies born alive during abortions

By Cheryl Sullenger
San Jose, CA — It was the stuff of nightmares. A baby boy born intact during an abortion to a distraught mother. A tiny heart beating. The horrific order to harvest his brain.
In today’s video installment from the Center for Medical Progress, Holly O’Donnell struggles to tamp down her emotions as she recalls her worst experience at Planned Parenthood while working as a procurement technician for StemExpress.
O’Donnell recounts a day at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on The Alameda in San Jose, California, that will forever haunt her memories.
O’Donnell was training with another StemExpress employee identified only as “Jessica” when the Planned Parenthood abortionist emerged from the delivery room, “really frustrated” that one distraught woman could not be calmed down enough to do the abortion procedure. The patient could not be “medicated” because her fetus had been selected for organ harvesting. Certain drugs render fetal “specimens” useless to researchers.
“Finally the woman – she calmed down and the doctor went in to perform the abortion. It takes a little while and I’m in the hallway. I see the jar come out. Goes into the path lab. And Jessica, I can hear, is preparing it,” explained O’Donnell, reliving the memory step by step.
She continued:

So then I hear her call my name. “Hey, Holly! Come over here. I want you to see something kinda cool. It’s kinda neat!” So I’m over here and – the moment I see it I’m just flabbergasted. This is the most gestated fetus and closest thing to a “baby” that I’ve seen.
And she’s like, “Okay, I want to show you something.” So she has one of her instruments and she just taps the heart and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here, and I’m looking at this fetus, and its heart is beating and I don’t know what to think…
I knew why it was happening. It’s because of the electrical current was — the nodes were still firing, and I don’t know if that constitutes — it’s technically dead? Or it’s alive?
It had a face. It wasn’t completely torn up. And its nose was very pronounced. It had eyelids and its mouth was pronounced. And then, since the fetus was so intact, [Jessica] said, “Okay, this is a really good fetus and it looks like we can procure a lot from it. We’re going to procure a brain.”

holly-episode 3
O’Donnell then describes how Jessica began the harvesting process by cutting through the lower jaw and into the face with scissors, then instructed O’Donnell to finish cutting through the face so she could extract the brain.
“I’m thinking, ‘No, I don’t want to do this,’” O’Donnell recalls.
“It’s hard to imagine how anyone could even give such an order and what kind of callous and depraved subculture must exist at Planned Parenthood that this kind of horrific atrocity could be remotely considered ‘cool’ or ‘neat,’” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Board member for the Center for Medical Progress. “Kermit Gosnell is serving life in prison for cutting the backs of babies’ necks with scissors. Now, at Planned Parenthood, live babies are murdered using scissors to harvest brains for ‘research’ — as if the ‘research’ part makes it all okay. Well, it doesn’t. Jessica and the rest of the abortion crew at Planned Parenthood should be in a prison cell right next to Gosnell!”
The delivery of intact and/or living fetuses apparently are not all that rare.
The CMP video shows incriminating clips of Planned Parenthood and procurement company officials telling of intact births and the illegal altering of abortion procedures for the purpose of organ harvesting.
One clip showed a representative of Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc. (ABR) describing how intact babies sometimes “fall out” of the birth canal before an abortion can be completed.
Another clip shows Melissa Farrell, Director of Research for Planned Parenthood’s Houston abortion facility, discussing the alteration of the abortion process to insure that fetuses are delivered intact.
Then there is Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Medical Director, explaining how abortionists change the presentation to breech to ensure the fetus is delivered with head intact so that the sought-after brain with the brain stem still attached can be harvested and sold.
Nucatola also explains that digoxin, a drug sometimes used during late-term abortions to ensure that the babies are dead before the extraction process begins, cannot be used. Like other medications, digoxin taints the tissue and renders it useless for experimentation purposes.
“Providers who use digoxin use it for one of two reasons,” stated Deborah Nucatola. “There is a group of people who just use it so that they have no risk of violating the federal abortion act. You want to induce demise before you do the procedure. No one is going to say you did a live – whatever the federal government calls it – partial birth abortion.”
Nucatola waives her arms as if the entire thought of preventing a live birth is simply ridiculous.
“Today’s video is evidence that babies are being born alive during abortions at Planned Parenthood and then intentionally killed for their organs. This is no less than cold-hearted, premeditated murder,” said Newman. “Furthermore, there is evidence that Planned Parenthood abortionists alter procedures to ensure the organs can be harvested. This is also a crime. We call on authorities in San Jose, Houston and everywhere else that Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts to immediately open murder investigations and swiftly bring those involved in killing born alive babies to justice.”
Meanwhile, back at the Planned Parenthood, O’Donnell’s nightmare had only begun. Reluctantly, she followed her supervisor’s instructions and removed the baby’s brain, which was quickly placed in a medium to preserve it for shipping.
Then O’Donnell was left to clean up the mess. But the biohazard container as too full and the baby was too big. He wouldn’t fit. He got stuck on the lid with his legs dangling out. O’Donnell had to pick up each tiny leg and shove it into the overflowing biohazard container.
Later, heartbroken and crying, O’Donnell returned to the biohazard container to hold the baby boy one last time.
“It just really hard knowing that you’re the only person who’s ever going to hold that baby,” she said.
She often thought of what each child could have been, if given the chance. One could have been lawyer, or a firefighter or one day perhaps, even the President. Would a little girl at age three have liked to color? Would she look like her mom or her dad?
“Things like that, I think that it’s a wasted life, and it’s sad that so many people view it as a mistake,” O’Donnell said. “You know, ‘cuz it’s not. I mean, life isn’t a mistake. Getting pregnant – it can be an accident, but it’s not a mistake.”
Today’s CMP video is the seventh in a series of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the black market trafficking of aborted baby remains. It is also the third in the video documentary series “Human Capital.” More videos can be viewed on the CMP’s YouTube channel.