Operation Rescue as produced a new video showing horrifically filthy and unsafe conditions that we discovered when we bought and closed a Wichita abortion mill in 2006. The video contrasts these images with a statement from Sebelius explaining her veto of legislation that would have made the abortionists clean up or close. Get a sneak peak of what heath care could look like with Sebelius at the helm.
Please, keep calling your senators! Click here to contact. Ask them to block Sebelius’ confirmation as Secretary of Health and Human Services!

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Editorial Cartoon
The following cartoon was first published by Operation Rescue on July 9, 2006. It is just as relevant today! We included links from articles related to Sebelius’ rejection of safety standards for abortion clinics that were included with the original cartoon.

To learn about the stories that inspired the cartoon, please click on the links below.
Operation Rescue Demands Emergency Inspections of All Kansas Abortion Mills
Operation Rescue Buys Abortion Mill
Sebelius Shows Cowardice, Cronyism, by Vetoing Clinic Regulations