I encourage you to visit a new web site featuring the most comprehensive information on late-term abortionist George Tiller that I have seen.
New Sound Clips Added
Tiller made a video in 1996 that he distributes through ob/gyn doctors and genetics counselors. When a woman is told her baby has a genetic defect, these proabortion ob/gyn doctors or genetics counselors will give the woman a copy of this video. This video is meant to sell late-term abortion. Tiller never meant for Pro-lifers to get a copy of this video, but we did. The web site features sound clips from this video.
Now you can HEAR Tiller talk about baby funerals, the 10,000 late-term abortions he committed in just 5 years, and his bizarre philosophy that in the case of fetal abnormality “the fetus is the problem”.
Click to hear Tiller…

Detailed Biography of Tiller-The-Killer
Where else on the web will you find a thorough biography of George Tiller? Where else will you find pictures of him from high school or college? Where else can you find a picture of Jack Tiller… George’s late father after whom George patterned his life? Take a look at this picture of George Tiller from his 1963 KU graduation. What a fine, handsome, bright fellow! What a great man he could have been if he had chosen another path in life. In a sense, this picture is the saddest of all. This picture is one of many on this website.
Political Cronies
Where else can you find a complete listing of Kansas politicians who have taken campaign contributions from Tiller?
Shady Political Plot Revealed!
Where else will you find a thorough yet easy-to- understand description of Tiller’s shady 2002 plot to “buy” the race for Kansas Attorney General?

Partners in Tiller’s Bloody Profits
Where else can you hear LaQuinta Inn admit that they have an “arrangement” to give discounted rooms to Tiller’s patients? The site features asound clip and a transcript of the call where LaQuinta Management admits this!
Grisly Abortion Methods Described
Where else can you actually hear Tiller talk about injecting Digoxin into a baby to kill it?
There are no pictures of dead babies on this website. There’s nothing on the website meant to intentionally shock or revolt the readers. But please don’t misunderstand… this website is VERY disturbing because the truth is very disturbing.
“Have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” -Ephesians 5:11
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For the voiceless,
Troy Newman
Operation Rescue West