Albuquerque, NM — If one was to ask the average American if abortions at 35 weeks were legal in the U.S., most would say they were not. However, a disciplinary case playing out on Albuquerque, New Mexico, reveals that not only are these full term abortions legal in this state, but that they are extremely dangerous and conducted by abortionists that routinely ignore the standard of care in order to do these extremely lucrative abortions, some of which cost in excess of $10,000.
Shelley Sella, a late term abortionist who is a former associate of the notorious Kansas abortionist George Tiller, has been accused by the New Mexico Medical Board of violating the standard of patient care and gross negligence for conducting an abortion of a 35 week pre-born baby outside a hospital on a woman whose medical history included a previous Caesearian Section delivery. Sella currently works for Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque.
The Board says that Sella ignored the woman’s history, which should have disqualified her for the Induction Abortion method that Sella used. To make matters worse, Sella overused an uterine stimulant to increase the severity of the woman’s contractions until her uterus ruptured.
The case came to light after Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life obtained over a dozen 911 recordings through open records requests that revealed abortion -related emergencies were occurring at Albuquerque abortion clinics at the rate of one every ten weeks. Shaver and Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger filed complaints with the Medical Board, which resulted in the case against Sella.
Ironically, while the open records act helped bring Sella’s negligence to their attention, the Board moved to ignore another state “sunshine law” that insures meetings such as today’s hearing are public. The meeting was closed at Sella’s request. Representatives of Project Defend Life and Operation Rescue, who sought to attend the hearing, were turned away at the door.
To make matters worse, additional requests for 911 records have recently been denied under a new policy change that went into effect the same month that Sella was charged by the NMMB.
“It is obvious that there is an effort to protect abortionists in denying the public access to records and hearings that have heretofore been considered open to the public. That means there is something to hide, and that includes the barbaric practice of late-term and even full term abortions,” said Sullenger. “There is no legitimate reason for an abortion at 35 weeks. It’s inexcusable. In the worst case scenario, the baby should be birthed and allow nature to take its course. Full term abortions are akin to human rights abuses and are if fact outlawed in the majority of states.”
Sella, who worked as a late-term abortionist at Tiller’s Woman’s Health Care Services in Wichita, cancelled her Kansas medical license when another Tiller associate, Ann Kristin Neuhuas, was charged by the Board of Healing Arts for providing illegal late-term abortion referrals to Sella and other Tiller abortionists using phony mental health diagnoses. Neuhaus’ medical license was permanently revoked earlier this year.
The case highlights the dangerous nature of late-term abortions which are done using the Induction Method developed by Tiller in Kansas to avoid running afoul of the ban on partial birth abortions.. The method has been adopted by nearly all late-term abortionists and involves injecting the baby’s heart with a drug that sends the baby into cariac arrest. Once no fetal heart tones can be detected, the woman is given drugs to send her into early labor. The baby is then delivered whole, or removed by dismemberment.
“What does this say about us as a nation when we can allow full term abortions, and in fact be so unaware that many of us do not even realize this practice is widespread and landing women in hospital emergency rooms across the nation?” asked Sullenger. “We hope this case will spur national discussion on late-term abortions and raise awareness that this horrific procedure is allowed in several states. Once the public understands what is going on in clinics like Southwestern Women’s Options, they are very likely to demand an end to them.”
The hearing is expected to conclude today with a ruling due in 60-90 days.
Sella’s Disciplinary Document