New Mexico Attorney General Turns a Blind Eye to Violations in Fetal Tissue Investigation


Albuquerque, NM- The Associated Press released a brief report today alleging that New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas sent a letter to members of the House Select Investigative Panel stating that, “no state laws were broken by the transfer of fetal tissue between an Albuquerque abortion clinic and researchers at the University of New Mexico.”

Even though Tara Shaver, of Abortion Free New Mexico filed a complaint predating the congressional panels criminal referrals to Balderas’ office, Shaver has not received a similar letter. In fact, her legal counsel was informed on December 7, 2017 by Dylan Lange, Assistant Attorney General that a “civil investigation remains ongoing.”

Shaver’s complaint was prompted by a consent form from Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO) consent form that women were required to sign before their abortion, stating that “I understand that tissue and parts will be removed during the procedure, and I consent to their examination and their use in medical research…” Shaver’s complaint outlined that two state statutes were believed to be in violated by SWO, the Jonathan Spradling Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act that excludes aborted babies from use in medical research and the Maternal, Fetal and Infant Experimentation Act which states that “No fetus shall be involved as a subject in any clinical research activity unless the purpose of the activity is to meet the health needs of the particular fetus and the fetus will be placed at risk only to the minimum extent necessary to meet such needs or no significant risk to the fetus is imposed by the research activity.” According to the Act, “‘fetus’ means the product of conception from the time of conception until the expulsion or extraction of the fetus or the opening of the uterine cavity, but shall not include the placenta, extra embryonic membranes, umbilical cord, extra embryonic fluids and their resident cell types and cultured cells.”

“It is business as usual in New Mexico that the Attorney General, Hector Balderas responds to a Congressional Committee more than one year after it was disbanded. It is my hope that the Department of Justice will take a dim view of Balderas’ incompetence and arrogance and will perform a proper investigation into the illegal activities going on within the New Mexico abortion cartel centered at UNM,” stated Fr. Stephen Imbarrato of Priests for Life.

“Attorney General Hector Balderas protects those who profit from and are in the business of dehumanizing children in the womb by his lack of enforcement of state laws that are designed to protect New Mexicans, which should include those in the sanctuary of their mothers’ wombs. There will never be justice in New Mexico until leaders, law makers and law enforcers stop propping up a failing abortion industry whose grisly trade negatively effects the most vulnerable of our communities,” stated Tara Shaver Spokeswoman for Abortion Free New Mexico.

Operation Rescue has worked with Abortion Free New Mexico to call for the prosecution of Southwestern Women’s Options and UNM.

“Attorney General Balderas lived up to his reputation as a corrupt pro-abortion Democrat by turning a blind eye to obvious violations of state law,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We now turn to the U.S. Department of Justice to uphold the law and prosecute Southwestern Women’s Options and their cronies at the University of New Mexico for illegally trafficking aborted baby remains for profit.”

  • John Mirenda

    What’s a disgrace in NM—the state AG and the University in cahoots and no doubt protecting each other in this criminal enterprise. Keep up the good work operation rescue.

  • Danny S.

    Time to prosecute these governors and others who have taken and oath to uphold the laws and constitution.

  • Picketing Works

    Hector let other smaller babies be named Hector too! We will be picketing your home soon so look for us.

  • kassa1

    these corrupt people might get by with their evil here on earth, but when they leave here the good Lord will deal with them , weather they believe in him or not!

  • Rita_S

    Hector Balderas is a fool.

  • Vivavox

    When a fetus is turned into a valuable commodity to be traded and bartered between an abortion facility and research institution, added pressure is placed on vulnerable women contemplating abortion. Apparently, this concept is lost on some people who claim to be pro-women’s rights.

  • Henry Servatt

    Best of luck turning the tide in this state,using whatever means you can muster.

  • Victoria Smith

    Praying for justice.

  • Bobby Humphrey

    I agree to the prosecution of all officials who break the law, esp. the laws protecting the rights of the unborn, which I deem to be from conception. I do not understand their values, which are lower than animals, who protect their unborn, unhatched, through youth until they can be on their own. These are uncontested acts of child murderers who cheat and connive for money. Money is their God and my God will deal with them in His own time.