Englewood, NJ — A New Jersey abortion mill that had been closed by the state health department was scheduling abortion appointments on Wednesday, in spite of the fact that they had failed to pass a health inspection on Tuesday.
A call was placed to Metropolitan Medical Associates of Englewood on Wednesday afternoon by an undercover Operation Rescue investigator inquiring about a first trimester abortion. The caller was told by a clinic worker that they were not taking appointments next week, but that an appointment was available at 9AM on Tuesday, March 20. The worker did not offer to refer the caller to another clinic.
Just the day before, an inspection team consisting of a nurse, an architect, and two public health sanitarians found continued deficiencies at the high-volume abortion mill, and refused to allow it to reopen. The team would not elaborate on what deficiencies were discovered.
Metropolitan Medical Associates was closed on February 23, when employees of a Newark hospital reported the abortion mill after treating one of their patients, Rasheedah Dinkins. The 20-year old woman suffered a 4-week coma, a hysterectomy, and other problems as a result of a botched second trimester abortion. Inspectors that closed the clinic indicated that the mill posed an “immediate and serious risk of harm to patients.”
Dinkins and another woman are suing Metropolitan for injuries they received during their abortions. A third woman has come forward and said she regrets not suing when she suffered injuries at the clinic.
“This mill has seriously hurt women and placed others at risk. They don’t get to decide when they reopen,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Their arrogant conduct in scheduling appointments after failing a health inspection shows us that the mill’s concern about making money outweighs any consideration for the well-being of the women.”
The public is urged to contact the New Jersey Department of Health to ask them why Metropolitan Medical Associates is allowed to schedule appointments even though they have no authorization to reopen.
Please express concerns to:
New Jersey Department of Health,
Division of Health Care Quality and Oversight

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