UPDATE, September 8, 2010: A Better Choice staff members report that the new banner is working. In two days, four women have gone to the pro-life center after seeing the banner and all have made decisions to keep their babies!

Wichita, KS – The front of Operation Rescue’s National Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, is sporting a new look. A huge banner featuring a pregnant woman holding an ultrasound image now directs traffic to the pro-life pregnancy help center next door.
OR’s headquarters is located inside a former abortion clinic that we bought and closed in 2006. Even now, four years later, a few women come to the office thinking it is still an open abortion clinic. Those women are taken by OR staff members to A Better Choice directly next door where they are offered alternatives to abortion and practical assistance. To date, none of the women who have been referred to A Better Choice in this way have gotten abortions.
Since Wichita is now abortion-free, A Better Choice is busier than ever, seeing an increase in women seeking help and abortion alternatives. There also has been a marked increase in the number of requests for adoption information since the closure of Wichita’s only remaining abortion clinic last year.
“We decided to use the front of our building to send a pro-life message to the community while blessing our neighbors with some free advertising. The banner is beautiful and its colors are striking, making a big pro-life statement on busy Central Avenue,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We pray that it directs many women to A Better Choice where they can get the love, help, and support they need to have their babies.”
A Better Choice is looking for new volunteers. If you live in the Wichita area, and would like to help, please contact Valerie at (316) 685-5757.