Political paybacks and attempts to shift faith institutions to the left is behind Obama invitation
Commentary by Operation Rescue

South Bend, IN – A new article published May 10 at Pewsitter.com reveals connections between members of the Notre Dame Board of Trustees and President Barack Obama, which may explain much about why a devout Catholic institution would ignore Church teachings and major public outcry to honor the most pro-abortion president in U.S. History.
One example listed in the exposѐ is that of the Chair of the Notre Dame Trustees, Richard Notebaert of the Chicago area. Notebaert’s wife, Peggy, also a luminary in the Notre Dame community, runs the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, which received federal funding earmarked by then Senator Barack Obama. One of Obama’s “key” fundraisers, Frank Clark, served on the museum board at time the funding was received.
The Pewsitter.com article goes on to reveal other such connections. We frankly find the Board’s links to Obama and other leftist causes shocking, considering that these “Trustees” are supposed to be guiding a religious institution whose spiritual foundations are antithetical to such causes.
It could be that Notre Dame President, Fr. John I. Jenkins, doing little more than obeying a directive from the left-leaning Board of Trustees. More focus should be placed on exposing the Trustees that have ties to Obama, who could be paying him back for political favors with the Notre Dame appearance.
Obama has long claimed to be a Christian, but his actions have frequently been at odds with Biblical teachings, even to the point of mocking them. The Notre Dame appearance, like his appearances at Rick Warren’s church, serves to manipulate those of faith into accepting his radical liberalism, which is cloaked by the tacit approval of so-called religious leaders.
Obama understands that if those of faith were to rise up en masse in vocal opposition to him and his leftist, pro-abortion policies, his presidency will suffer and any hope for a second term will disappear. Perhaps that is why “hate-crimes” legislation has been introduced, and why peaceful pro-life advocates have been placed on Homeland Security watch lists with the hope of intimidating his most vocal opponents into silence. Invitations from heretofore respected religious institutions help further diffuse his opposition.
Pewsitter.com did a great service by revealing the truth about the Notre Dame Board of Trustees. It revealed a deeper problem at the university than simply one controversial invitation. It is time for that institution to clean house at the highest levels, or risk complete corruption at the hands of those who working to undermine its religious foundations.
And it is time for those of faith to become ever more outspoken against the Culture of Death that Obama is trying to establish in our country, and expose his not-so-subtle efforts to manipulate and silence us. If we don’t, it may be that soon, we will not be able.
Read the full article from Pewsitter.com
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