Wichita, KS — The building that once housed the largest late-term abortion clinic outside Communist China has stood vacant for over three years ever since the death of its owner, George Tiller, in May, 2009. Since the clinic’s closure, Wichita has remained abortion-free in spite of at least three credible attempts to re-establish an abortion business in a city that was once known as the Abortion Capital of the World.
Today it is being reported that the building was sold in August to the Trust Women Foundation, led by former Tiller employee Julie Burkhart, who plans to open a new abortion clinic there by January, 2013. The new business will supply first and second trimester abortions, according to a document obtained by Operation Rescue on August 29, 2012.
Trust Women will operate the clinic under the name South Wind Women’s Center and will rely predominantly on out-of-state abortionists to fly into to Wichita to do abortions, creating a dangerous continuity of care issue of the kind that has elsewhere resulted in additional risks to women’s health including maternal deaths.
“The abortion group may have bought Tiller’s old building, but that is still a far cry from resuming abortions in Wichita. If Trust Women wants to provide abortions then Operation Rescue will make sure the business is neither profitable nor sustainable,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.
Read the Trust Women document obtained by Operation Rescue