Omaha, NE — A small group of pro-life supporters braved sub-freezing temperatures and knee-deep snow on New Year’s Day to protest outside the Omaha residence of Sen. Ben Nelson. The group, which was joined by Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck, voiced disapproval of Nelson’s “Cornhusker Kickback,” in which Nelson traded his vote in support of tax-funded abortion for special favors for Nebraska.
The group of protesters displayed signs that read, “Keep your hands off my Health Care” and “Ben Nelson, Traitor to the Unborn.”
At one point the Truth Truck, a large panel truck that displays billboard-sized images of aborted babies, became stuck in a snow drift near a busy intersection. However, during the 15 minutes it took to free the vehicle, it was viewed by hundreds of passersby.
The group of seven activists, led by Rescue the Heartland’s Larry Donlan, reported that several neighbors came out to give them the “thumbs up.”
Nelson’s vote for taxpayer funded abortion is extremely unpopular in his home state. Pro-life groups like Donlan’s, including Nebraska Right to Life and Nebraskans United for Life, that supported Nelson in the past have considered his deal a betrayal.

While Nelson tried to promote his deal back home as “Stupak plus,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius made statements that indicated that the Neslon deal did nothing to prevent federal funds from paying for abortions. Sebelius’ description of the Nelson language indicated that it provided for a complicated accounting scheme that appeared to segregate funds, but actually insured that everyone would contribute tax dollars to the federal coffers to fund abortions.
Nelson further infuriated his constituency by running television and radio ads defending his deal and making threats if any of his “sweetheart deal” language is “watered down.”
“We understand that politicians make these kinds of deals all the time, and that is why this kind of corruption must be confronted and exposed,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It is morally and ethically unacceptable to trade one’s vote in exchange for special favors. But it is particularly reprehensible when the lives of innocent babies are used as bargaining chips. That makes these people no better than slave traders who also profited off the trading of innocent human lives. It really is that despicable.”
A special conference committee will attempt to reconcile the House and Senate version of the health care bill when Congress reconvenes on January 10. Representatives led by Rep. Bart Stupak have vowed to oppose any bill that contains funding for abortions. Thirteen State Attorneys General have vowed to sue if such funding is passed.
Visit for information about how you can oppose tax-funded abortions.